At Pret-a-Train, prenatal personal training is at the heart of our concerns.

Our personal trainers’ priority is to make sure our clients are healthy outside but also on the inside.

Why doing prenatal personal training?

 Prenatal personal training allows the pregnant woman to feel good during her whole pregnancy until its term. The goal is to make sure that women are prepared to face childbirth.

First of all, our concern is for our client to be in a healthy weight. Then, we believe that movement creates movement. In other words, if you more every day and exercise your body will be prepared as well as your child.

Moreover, it will allow you to bet fit and get stronger for labor. Your personal trainer will guide you with workouts that will keep you and your baby safe. 

In fact, this service is also an occasion to learn about your body functions during pregnancy while working out. Finally, the goal is that you feel comfortable the D-day. 

Prenatal personal training

Our mission

Pret-a-Train can make you exercising in any area of London. Moreover, our postnatal personal trainers make women feel better and healthier after pregnancy.

 Our services are bespoke to you. Indeed, programs are really personalized and adapted to your needs, goals, inconveniences, or abilities. So, whether it’s for being in better physical or mental shape, we’re here to help you.

Then, it’s possible that you’re working in central London and you may be very busy with your work. Or maybe you need to stay at home to keep an eye on your kids. This means you no longer necessarily have time to take care of yourself with doing sports or exercises. That’s why we adapt ourselves to you in London.

Stay in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle! All our Pret-a-Train’s clients are satisfied with our services as you can see on our Testimonials.

Finally, our prenatal personal trainers have already helped many pregnant women to have more energy. But also to release their stress, back problems, and anything that can increase their happiness.

How does it work?

Our personal trainers can go to the place of your convenience based on your schedule. They will provide you all the necessary materials. All this to guarantee your safety and the one of your child and to make training easier during the sessions.



Trial session with stretching

We carry out a first trial session lasting 30 minutes. During this time we talk about your needs and what you’re looking for. This also allows us to be informed in you have any post-partum issues.



First training session 

At this meeting, we’ll start by taking your measurements and giving you all the nutrition advice that you need. The bespoke program will be given at this moment to follow during the time you’ve chosen.



Program in the hands and follow-up

After your training sessions, you’ll take advantage of our follow-ups. You’ll be able to see your progress with your PT. You will be followed over the months by our entire team, to best meet your needs and requests.

Best seller package

Pack50 Two sessions/week

As in Pret-a-Train the more you get sessions, the less pricey the session cost. Thus people chose often the Pack 50 and workout three times a week with us. They then train and get healthy during 6 months with us for £40.5/session.

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Our Added Values:

Bespoke follow-up program
Our clients talk often about our bespoke personalised program we offer to them. Of course at Pret a Train, we know that everyone is different. So this is why we offer a bespoke program where we will be taken accountancy and note on what we do, to show you that you progress. Measurement and results are tracked to keep your motivation high. In our online personal training this is very well respected.

The motivation that we give is an important added value that we offer to our clients. As we know it’s not easy for anyone to keep up a high motivation. We make sure to talk to you and understand yourself to share our power and motivation with you. By training regularly and seeing your coach each week you’ll be motivated and self disciplined all along.

Knowledge and Well-Being
Our clients mentioned the well being that we share with them. Our knowledge on diverse topic related to the wellness offer to them a complete package which not just doesn’t change their body but also their mind. They get better confidence, more energy and feel better with others, themselves and their environment. Thanks that we talk not just workout, but nutrition, sleep and lifestyle. 

Authenticity and human above all

In Pret-a-Train we strongly believe that having core values is really important to have a healthy life. This is why we’re making sure that all our team members are into this philosophy.

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Our Values

So, are you ready to change with our Prenatal Personal training?

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Prenatal Personal Training
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