After having followed our bespoke programs with nutritional advice and personal training sessions Pret-a-Train, our clients feel much better in their bodies and mind. But it doesn’t stop there, because they also notice differences in their everyday life, with the choice to change their lifestyle habits over the long term. 

Here are some before/after pics:

Honor Pret-a-Train testimonials

Duration: 5 months
Sessions / Week: 3
Goal: Reshape
Result: -10kg

Always committed to her session with desire to perform well. She start doing what she can. Doing push up and dips was hard at the beginning. Then 5 months later, she workout like a top athlete. We are very proud of her.

Love it, Smash it

Testimonials Pret a Train Lionel

Duration: 4 months
Sessions / Week: 2
Goal: Reshape/Remove back pain
Result: Same weight

Discipline for him was his key. Always ready to workout and give the best of himself. He ate healthy, followed the advice well, enjoyed the weekend by cooking nice meals. And tadam, this is the result! 

Being disciplined is a key

Transformation Alexandra Pret a Train

Duration: 4 months
Sessions / Week: 2-3
Goal: Weight loss/Toned up
Result: -16 kgs

What an incredible transformation she did! Nutrition was one of the great key for her. She enjoyed cheat meal once a week and have a really healthy nutrition. Coupled with our energetic workout, she reached a fabulous goal. This is when you have an emotional goal in you like a wedding! Enjoy! 

Enjoy the process

Testimonials Pret a Train Ophélie

Duration: 3 months
Sessions / Week: 1
Goal: Weight loss/Toned up
Result: -5 kgs

This is what a detox and some motivation can do. During the training we also did a lot of plank and core mobility to work on her back pain. Now she relieve that and can enjoy her life totally differently. 

Have goals - Achieve them

Testimonials Pret a Train Léonie

Duration: 6 months
Sessions / Week: 3
Goal: Weight loss/Toned up
Result: -10 kgs

What an incroyable journey was with her. She has been all along motivated to workout with our personal trainers. We had really fun to enjoy training with her. Our session was based on working hard and having fun. That should be always like that! 

Mindset is everything

Before After Pret a Train Camille

Duration: 8 months
Sessions / Week: 3 
Goal: Weight loss
Result: -20 kgs

Always up for a new session. She did a lot boxing and cardio exercises. She was really doing a lot effort during her workout with us. That payed off. She reached an incredible weight loss with motivation and smile. 

Positive attitude

Testimonials Pret a Train Rachel
Duration: 3 months
Sessions / Week: 3
Goal: Weight loss
Result: -15 kgs
Beyond her apprehension, Rachel has been able to be rigorous and motivated. All the advice we gave her was applied and the results are apparent. 
More confident, she feels better in her body and about herself. She found another job which suits her more. Rachel continues to take care of her and we are proud of her! Find the transformation in this video. It’s in french with english sub.

If you believe, you can achieve

Change Pret a Train Ruben
Duration: 4 months
Sessi​ons / Week: 2 
Goal: Weight loss
Result: -12 kgs

He came to see us with the idea of losing weight, while following his intense studies. He was remarkable by following our nutritional advice, and showing  greater determination over the sessions.

Workout after workout, he lost fat and gained muscle, which has totally changed his shape. We were even more surprised to see his beautiful change through his before/after pic.   

Hard work - Consistency

Testimonials Pret a Train Sophie
Duration: 5 months
Sessions / Week: 2 
Goal: Weight loss
Result: -20 kgs

Extremely motivated to find the body of her 20s. She followed  our bespoke program and nutritional advice by mixing our training with other physical activities. Wanting to go even further, she actually continues to train day after day.

We are really happy to have helped her to become the shining woman she wanted so much to become. 

Always do your best

Review Pret a Train Mathieu

Duration: 4 months
Sessions / Week: 2 
Goal: Weight loss
Result: -18 kgs

Mathieu has lost any motivation to do sport and desired to take care of himself, because of his very busy job. After starting his training with us, he has pushed his limits far beyond his expectations. 

Moreover, more than just sport, it’s a competitive spirit and a constant need of self-improvement that he acquired by closely following our advice.  

Our Testimonials

You can find nice people who have used our services. They have let some testimonials on google and facebook. We make it easier for you to see it straight up on our website. Thanks to all of them. You might want to take care of yourself after reading these stories. So, why not your turn? 

Testimonials seen on Google

Sophie: I trained with Pret-a-Train and I lost 20 kilos in 5 months. The Pret-a-Train team is great and very efficient!  

Laurent: Pret-a-Train helped me to achieve my goals and much more. After 6 months with them, they have taught me a healthier life!  

Marie: The team took the time to understand my objectives and needs. I reached the objective of gaining weight with 5cm thigh/buttock circumference… 

Ruben: Great team! They listen and give you the best advices and motivation to make excellent progresses. 

Catherine: Back pain relief. “What are your fitness goals?” is the best question they could asked me. 

Arthur: I started training with some specific objectives. Pret-a-Train was able to create an adapted follow-up that allowed me to achieve my objectives in 6 months.  

Stefania: I was so lucky to find Pret-a-Train. I can’t thank them enough for what they did!

Laura: Very good Personal trainers, who give their best to help you to achieve your goals. Always present to give advices about food and other matters. 

Mathieu: Excellent results that come from a good team of PT who know what they’re doing and who are good at what they’re doing! It was a pleasure

​”Eating habits have changed”

Léonie: My lifestyle and eating habits have changed thanks to Pret-a-Train….. as well as my waist line. I would definitely recommend them. 

Marianne : It was a great experience. The coaches are always listening and I love doing sports and excel myself at each session. So, thank Pret-a-Train to have me doing sport and love it. 

Claire : Highly recommended! The Pret-a-Train team was motivated to push myself harder. I lost 20 kilos in 5 months and I gain confidence, energy and a wonderful smile each time I’m going to my weekly session. More than sport, it’s a way of life. I love you guys, thank you for all!

Testimonials seen on Facebook

Marie: I was trained by Pret-a-Train for 6 months now and I’m more than satisfied! The coaches took time to understand my goals and needs. Today, I reached the objectives of gaining weight with 5cm more in thigh circumference and 5 cm in buttock circumference, whereas I had not progressed for more than a year. I am now embarking on a period of dryness always supported by the trainers. Romain, Ludo and Yohann complement each other very well and had several different experiences. Besides that they are really nice. In short, I highly recommend them whatever your objective, you can fully trust them! 

Patricia: I did 10 sessions with Pret-a-Train and had a great time! Hyper dynamic and human. Romain was a great source of inspiration and MOTIVATION. Between dance and personal training, I lost 10 kilos since January. I have regained good eating habits and have a much more toned body. I float in my clothes that were too tight a short time ago. Thank to the whole team of Pret-a-Train. 

“A source of inspiration and Motivation”

Jean Baptiste: After 3/4 months of training, I lost 6cm of circumference. Sessions were adapted to my objectives and a top-notch dietary followed me. Great cardio, progresses as much as on muscle strengthening with PT who give you the necessary motivation. I recommend them!

Marianne: I have finally found a Personal trainer who makes me the sport so simple and I was looking forward to meet him every session. Long live to Pret-a-Train!. I lost 3cm but the most important thing I saw was my body changes. Thank you.

Keyssi: EXTREMELY SATISFIED! I had a good time and it was also a pleasure to practise sport, thing that I was thinking impossible! I achieved to lose my extra kilos thank to Romain! I’m 1M55 tall and I lost 5 kgs in 3 months, I really feel good about myself now. I really needed that kind of motivation to get back into sport. Thank you Pret-a-Train!

Melissa: A good 24-hours follow-up with a real Personal trainer who is listening you. A great progression that makes you want to keep going. Mass gain for me and satisfied with these results. Thank you Pret-a-Train.

Seb: The coaches were friendly, enthusiastic and provided adapted advices… 

Marion: I started to go 7 months ago now and I’m very happy with the results I’m getting: more than just PT sessions, it really opened my eyes to a new way of life! I always thought I was healthy but now I understand the level of dedication and structure you need to achieve your goals, and without Pret-a-Train, I wouldn’t have done that! What’s even more amazing is that they’ve really put you in place to succeed outside of your sessions: support you in your diet, design sports programs for you and keep the good work, out of the studio. It makes me super confident that when my contract ends, I will be able to embrace my new lifestyle and continue to take care of myself. See for yourself! Just register and see what you can do! 

Maelle: Professionals. Good mood. Best advices. Listening. This is the best team you can have if you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Let's keep up the good work

All these kind words motivate us daily to wake up and to continue this good work. What is better to make more people healthier and happier? 

Thanks for all these testimonials. 

At Pret-a-Train, involve into our core values, we change to become the best version of ourselves! There is no fad diet and we take the people that we follow to a healthy lifestyle for some results which last! 

So, if you too want to change for the better, contact us!