At Pret-a-Train, we offer high-quality mobile personal trainers in Lyon. Our team offers sessions with certified and highly qualified sports coaches outdoors in nearby parks, at your office, or directly at home.

Pret-a-Train is a whole team and not just one personal trainer in Lyon who is at your service. We do everything in our power to give you the maximum and meet your expectations, needs and objectives.

We share strong values with the aim of improving the lives of the people we guide and making them healthier.

You no longer need to find the motivation to go to the gym, because we come to you. Pret-a-Train and its personal trainers travel all over Lyon. 

We all speak english and french.

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What is given?

Personal trainers

Where does the personal training sessions take place?

Personal training sessions can be outdoor, at your home or office. As we take the measurement during the first session, this one should be at home. Then, we are free to go to your favourite places! We can even go train yourself around the river or at the park next to your place. Parc de la tete d’or for instance. So, you won’t need to find the motivation to go to the gym. 

At Pret-a-Train we’re flexible to give and deliver you the best you can expect to adapt to your new routine. So, our Personal trainers in Lyon will do according to you, your wishes and your needs.

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Our missions

Pret-a-Train can make you exercising wherever you need in Lyon, making you healthy and fit! Moreover, our Personal trainers in Lyon make people better and healthier every month of the year.

 Our services are bespoke to you. Programs are really personalised and adapted to your needs, goals, inconveniences or abilities. So, whether it’s for being in better physical or mental shape, we’re here to help you.

Then, it’s possible that you’re working in the center of Lyon and you may be very busy with your work. Or maybe you need to stay at home to keep an eye on your kids. This means you no longer necessarily have time to take care of yourself with doing sports or exercises. That’s why we adapt ourself to you in Lyon. 

Stay in shape and lead to a healthy lifestyle! However, our PTs in Lyon have already helped many people to have more energy. But also to release their stress, back problems, and anything that can increase their happiness.

Your results

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Then, it will be your times to think about other positive things than works and negative thoughts.

After each session, you’ll be proud of yourself, feeling well. Just waiting for your next session. And obviously, at the end of your programme, you’ll see all your progress and your goals which will be achieved. 

Moreover, the team will contact you to see how you feel. Measurement will be taken to be sure you stay on track. Our team will also be able to show your results all along your programmes to keep your motivation high!

Finally, we know the cities of Lyon. Our small team can possibly come to you. Contact us to see. 

How does it work?

1) We carry out a first trial session lasting a hour. During this one, we talk about your needs, what you are looking for. This also allows us to be informed if you have any health problems or injuries.

2) Following this first consultation, we can proceed directly to your first session if you have time or postpone it, until later in the week. At this meeting, we’ll start by taking your measurements and giving you all the nutrition advice that you need. The bespoke program will be given at this time to follow during the time you’ve chosen.

3) This step will be the one where you’ll train yourself with one of our knowledgeable Personal trainer in Lyon. 

4) After your training sessions, you’ll take advantages of our follow-ups. You’ll be able to see your progress with the team and your PT as well.

Our prices

Personal Trainer in Paris prices

We have 3 different packs. The more session you get, the less pricey it will be. Of course you can pay up in monthly instalment depends on how many sessions you do per week. 

Because of the quality of our services prices are fixed and non-negotiable. 

Claim your PT 50% tax off

Personal Trainer paris service a la personne

We are registered to the service à la personne. 

Meaning that if you pay tax in France, you can claim up to 50% of your PT sessions off tax.

Which means that instead of paying 60€ your session, it will just cost you 30€! 

Great things to have a PT! 

Personal Trainers in Lyon

As you can see Pret a Train is covering Lyon. With our mobile personal trainer team, we are making sure to bring you everything you need to succeed on your goal. 

As you can find on our all website our main goal it’s you to become healthier and feel better

With our personal trainers in Lyon team, we make sure of this.

If you are ready for your session test, you just need to refill the form below. We’ll contact you shortly then. 

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