In Pret-a-Train, as we mentioned on our strong values we want to keep working on a brighter future, continue to grow and contribute to a better world. As the world needs us, we need to strive and offer more. Help people more. Thus, we’re always looking for contributors, freelances or voluntaries to help and share our missions.


As we want to expand our services in different countries and other areas of the UK, we’re looking for a motivated manager sharing our values, to offer our high quality of services and pedagogy. Thus, we’re looking for strong profiles to offer services in Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton and other countries like France, Spain and Italy.

Personal Trainers:

As Pret-a-Train offers primarily personal training services, we’re always looking for strong and passionate Personal Trainers willing to contribute and work for our company. As said above, we want to expand our services in different areas, so you can be in these new areas or you can join our workforce in busy London.


In Pret-a-Train, we believe in giving values to people about health, sport and nutrition, as we trust these can contribute to a better them, and thus a better world. We’re always creating great contents about these topics on our websites or in our health media: Newairz. Plus, we’re looking for motivated writers sharing our values. You can be freelance or student. All profiles can be accepted as long as you are sharing values, having good skills and you are highly motivated.


From the beginning of our stories, we’ve always been helped by interns. Without them, it’s possible that we won’t be where we’re now. We believe in young minds to contribute a better world and make our company grow. Interns have a lot to learn in our company and they’re always welcome to work with us. The French company Movaway has helped to find the right profiles which can match our company.
Interns can work in many areas like marketing, sales, design,… in our company and can integrate our culture.


If you’re a manager, a blogger, a Youtuber, an Instagrammer, or an influencer especially in the health or fitness industry we’re always looking to help you evolve and partnering up with you. Also if you’ve got a product or a complement service to offer our community which can reflect our company, our team is willing to listen to you.

Health Experts or Athletes:

If you’re sharing our values and you’re a health expert as a naturopath, dietician, doctor, or PhD in health topic. Or, if you’re an athlete and you want to contribute our image and brand, you can also contact us and see how you could work with us.


As we believe that together we’re stronger, we’re always looking for partnering up with companies we share our values.
We’re lucky to already have found some great partners and we’re looking for some more in any activities. So please, take advantage to contact us. 


Finally, if you’ve got a startup or a project, sharing our values, you’re definitely welcome to contact and expose your ambition to us. We could eventually help you to launch your project as one of our mission is to help to develop other companies with the will and motivation to contribute to a better world.

If you feel you’ve what it takes to be a Pret-a-Train’s member and work with us, send us your resume, a bit about yourself and your motivation in our email address:

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