The fast-moving lifestyle of nowadays can affect your mood, your productivity, and how you feel due to the pressure. It can also have bad repercussions on your health like depression or burnout.

Meditation can be the solution to your daily problems. By practicing meditation, you’ll feel better and healthier. So, find in this article why meditation is good for your health with these different points.


1 – Reduces stress

Firstly, meditation is a good way to reduce your stress.

Indeed, the endorphins, your chemicals hormones produced by your body to relieve your stress levels, will be liberated by the secretion of the pituitary gland. That’s why you will feel better with yourself.

A study which you can find at the end has shown that meditation decreases stress in nearly 1300 adults. This is especially true for people who are more affected by stress in general.

So, by meditating you could stop worrying about your small problems and to think less badly in your daily life. For instance, you won’t be attracted by your buzzing phone and will control your anxiety at the same time.

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2 – Improves your focus

After reducing your stress, meditation will enable you to be more focused. You’ll learn how to manage and discipline yourself. That will be reflected in your everyday life.

Moreover, your mind will focus naturally, which will improve your efficiency and productivity.

Meditation can also allow you to be better to bounce back from distractions to strengthening your brain’s neural circuitry. You’ll be less attracted by all notifications on your phone!

Plus, meditation is good for your health as well as helping with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). A study shows by just practicing simple breathing, students restore their attention, are calmer and more focused.

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3 – Improves sleep

Then, a large part of the population has trouble sleeping. That’s why they don’t have a good rest, or they simply don’t sleep enough. Meditation could be a solution to having a better sleep.

Indeed, a study (which you can find in the sources) proved that people who are practicing meditation fall asleep sooner and stay into longer compared to others.

Thanks to the relaxing part, meditation enables you to release your tension and will bring you peace in your mind.

Finally, if you still have trouble sleeping even with meditation, you can find some advice here.

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Make you happier

Like for reducing stress’s part, endorphin plays an important role here. In fact, this hormone will have positive and healthy effects on your entire body.

Furthermore, your brain’s activity will be stimulated by endorphins to enhance the area which has positive effects on your feelings. Thus, like that, you’ll promote your emotional health with a better self-image and more positive emotions.

Studies of NCBI proved this fact in over 4600 adults who are practicing meditation.

So, meditation is good for your health and can also generate kindness on you, which can enable you to connect with other people.

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Connect with other people

Few minutes of meditation can increase your positive feelings, you’ll be more open-minded and more open to talking with other people. Your social interactions will increase and not only in your meditation group.

Plus, in the beginning, you’ll improve your feelings toward yourself, but with time these feelings will extend to other people. So, your kindness will be increased, shared and you’ll more radiate happiness.

Other studies of NCBI shew that in couples, people have fewer problems and conflicts with practicing loving-kindness and compassion meditation.


Relieve your pain

Afterward, after practicing for some time meditation, you’ll relieve and feel fewer pains. Your pain’s perceptions are assimilated to your state of mind, it’s in this way that meditation will help you.

One more time, NCBI’s studies show that people who are meditating have fewer complaints or chronic pains. It’s a fact proved on their mind but really on their body as well.

Finally, an additional study has shown that patients with terminal diseases found that meditation helps them to relieve chronic pains.

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So, to help you in your daily life, meditation is good for your health and can help you in many ways.

Indeed, with reducing your stress, make you happier, or improving your sleep, meditation will help you. It will also enable you to be more focused, meet some other people, or just relieve your pain.

For all these benefits, it could be a great thing to start meditation, isn’t it?


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