Hi, people of Putney or around. You might wonder why do you need a personal trainer for you in your area. So, why having a Personal trainer in Putney, this simple question can have a simple answer. Because you can have a Pret-a-Train personal trainer in your area. 

Indeed we’re covering the all area of Putney since our beginning in 2017. But this is not the only answer we have for you. There are actually other reasons why you should have a personal trainer in Putney and why it is convenient. 

Let’s see that together if you wish. 


Workout around the river

Why having a personal trainer in Putney river

When we think about Putney, we can’t think enough about the beautiful parks we have longing the Thames as Bishops Park and Wandsworth Park.

Our people love to workout in these parks under the sunlight. They are sweating, enjoying the beauty of their area. 

It’s a great opportunity to go there with your PT and enjoy the landscape meanwhile you are doing your squats and burpees. Fresh air is important, it can help you to relieve the stress and get you out from your office, closed environment.

Enjoy what Putney has to offer.



Putney is healthy

As you might have noticed already, Putney is chill but active. Indeed in the south-west area, it sounds that there is a sporting vibe around the corner. 

It might be because of the Grand slam of Wimbledon tennis not far from there. Or might be because of the vibe the river gives. 

People and family living there never hesitate to grab their bike and go for a ride. Wearing their sneakers and go for a run. Putney sounds with healthy and that’s also the reason why you need to get a personal trainer in Putney. 


Enjoy the green spaces

Why having a personal trainer in Putney green spaces

Surveys show that Londoners needs nature. In Putney because of the parks that we have talked about in our first point, it’s possible to breathe freshly in some green spaces. Indeed, Putney is covered with green areas. Having a personal trainer in Putney can make you enjoy the nature of your area. If you, for instance, living not in Putney but around like in Hammersmith, you could ask your Personal trainer to meet you in Bishops park for a fresh workout. 

This is great to work out in great healthy conditions. 

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So if you are leaving around Putney you have many reasons to ask your personal trainer to make you work out into the Putney area. 

There are so many reasons to get you a personal trainer that you can read into our blog. We can choose the best for you to enjoy the river and the green spaces

Putney is becoming so healthy, so trendy and we understand perfectly why now.


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