Here in the UK we often hear about Level 2 and 3 in Personal training. And you might ask yourself what is a Personal trainer level 3 or 2 and what is the meaning behind that. 

In this article, we’re going to explain to you what this appellation is referring to, so stay eyes open. 


Personal trainer level 3 is a diploma

In the UK compared to any other countries in Europe you can get a diploma and a certification to become a personal trainer in less than 2 months. 

It can actually be crazy for some, as in the other country like in France you cannot do this job before having a certification which takes you no less than a year. 


What the diploma is about? 

After succeeding in this intense training related to becoming a personal trainer. The person will be accredited and have the legal right to coach people and monitor them in their goals. 

This diploma is actually giving you everything you need to be able to follow people and make them reach their fitness goals. 


Is Level 2 same than Level 3 personal training?

Of course not, Level 2 shows you some basics about exercise and how you can use and teach the machine in the gym. 

That is why with level 2 personal training, people are just able to work in the gym and explain to clients how the machine works. 

Nonetheless, they won’t be able to coach people. 

Pret a Train in park


Personal trainer level 3 is thus a diploma which allows people to do the profession of Personal trainer by being accredited in the UK. Possibly in other countries of the Common Wealth. 

Nonetheless, as this diploma is short and intense because of the large demands in the UK. 

This diploma won’t be valid in the other countries of Europe or the rest of the world, except that if you have huge experience and reference. That will be needed to be discussed with the own state of the country.  


Schools to get the diploma Level 3 in Personal Training:


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