In full development in recent years, the trainer, and more particularly the personal trainer, meets the growing expectations of people who wish to be accompanied by professionals in their quest for fitness and well-being. Personal trainer, physical trainer, sports advisor… the sports coach is all of these at once! Indeed, if you think that the job of personal trainer consists only in giving some advice on machines, you are wrong. And I invite you to read this article to find out what the job of personal trainer really consists of. 

So, let’s see together the different aspects concerning the job of personal trainer, its responsibilities as well as its limits. 


What does a personal trainer do?

A personal trainer has a multitude of tasks to perform, without you realizing it. Indeed, he motivates his students and helps them to set goals by providing expertise on feasibility. Coaches assess their students’ strengths and weaknesses as well as their physical fitness. These assessments are preferably carried out before and after an exercise program to measure improvement in physical fitness. They can also inform their clients about their well-being, general health and nutrition guidelines.

He can also run group classes (stretching, cardio-training, fitness…). To do this, he must prepare the animation, choreography and appropriate accompanying music beforehand. Some coaches are self-employed and advise individuals, amateur or professional sportsmen and women, at home. They often make their own equipment available to their clients. Beyond the purely physical training, they are also mental trainers, who encourage their students and educate them in good physical and dietary practices.


What are the pros concerning the job of personal trainer?

They are many benefits to being a sports coach. First of all, the opportunity to turn your passion into a profession, which is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy your work. The more passionate you are, the more motivated you will be for the client and the more fun you will have. Indeed, a career as a personal trainer is the opportunity to inspire others to lead a healthier and happier life and to improve their physical fitness.

Moreover, this job allows many contacts with people and allows you to communicate your passion with other people. You never stop meeting new people and will share your passion with other passionate people.

Finally, this is a job that will never let routine take over. With the many clients, and by extension the many objectives, no two sessions are the same. 


And what about the cons? 

Unfortunately, there are not only advantages to being a sports coach. Indeed, as you are teaching a hobby, you can have staggered schedules. And yes, you go to work when others don’t work, in other words in the evenings, at lunchtime, sometimes at weekends… If you have a spouse who has a job with classic working hours, it can be very tiring for him/her. Of course, you can see staggering working hours as an advantage.

And given your job, which consists of working out all day long, this job can be tiring in the long term, and can be more difficult to do at the end of your career. 

Finally, this is an area where there are more and more coaches on the market and where competition is increasing.  It is more difficult in this context to find clients or to offer high rates.


Which qualities are required for the job of personal trainer?

Several qualities are required to be a sports coach. Indeed, you must of course be in the good physical condition and technically master your discipline. This will initially make you more credible, and then you will be able to set an example more easily. Good knowledge of human anatomy is obviously necessary. 

Then, psychological qualities must also be developed: patience and pedagogy in accompanying people, not all of whom are dynamic athletes with a good mood in their soul. In this way, you will be a real group leader and coach. It is also necessary to be mature and responsible with regard to safety rules and people’s health. And finally, if he is self-employed, the sports coach must be able to manage his activity, and show commercial qualities, in order to prospect for new clients and build customer loyalty.



So, the job of personal trainer is fantastic when you are passionate about the workout. Indeed, there is nothing better than sharing your pieces of knowledge about your passion, and this is the best way to be the best possible in one’s work. On the other hand, you will have to accept to work when everyone is resting, and vice versa. What I can advise you to do is to talk to a professional personal trainer and ask him for advice as well as his typical days so that you can get an idea! In any case, if you would like to know more about the training courses to follow to become a personal trainer, here are some attached.

You too can become a sports coach!

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