After writing about online personal training, it seemed necessary for Pret-a-Train to tell you more about it. You may have read about the benefits of online personal training but do you know how it works?

If you’re a regular gym-goer, you know it’s almost impossible to work with a personal trainer online before signing up.

You’re wondering what online personal training with Pret a Train looks like? Thanks to Romain, our CEO, we are going to explain it to you clearly.

First of all, online personal training is quite similar to physical personal training. The main difference is that you will need your laptop and a good Internet connection. 

What happens when you sign up for online personal training?

To begin, you have to sign up for a session on our website Pret-a-Train. Introduce yourself, feel free to say whatever you want. Tell us about your goals, what you aspire to do, what you want to achieve, what do you like to do etc. This will be the first conversation between you and us so stay natural and don’t be shy. It may seem scary but don’t worry we don’t bite! Tell us if you have had any injuries in the past that may still have an effect on you or if you have a particular disease. If positive, it will be taken into account for your future program that we will plan.

Afterward, we will plan with you a 30 min session, which will be a trial period, or session if you prefer. During this session, our personal trainer will push your boundaries enough to see what you can and cannot do. Don’t worry it won’t be extreme! Of course, if you would rather, the first session can be adapted to your needs and what you are used to doing! 

Then, after the trial session, we will talk about your program and what might be adapted for you. We will discuss our services and see which pack might be better for you (the pack 20, 30, 40 etc). It’s the same as the physical training packs!



 You don’t think we won’t discuss the nutrition part? To start we’ll give you advice on nutrition and what might work best for you. Since we are all different, you will have a form to fill during your trial session. The goal is not to scare you with too much information at once. To make you comfortable, we like to engage with our clients. We are not just interested in your training, but in you in general! What do you do, do you have kids, what are your dreams, do you travel, etc.

Plus, we realized that our clients who were parents had the tendency to eat more biscuits than those who didn’t have children. In that way, we tend to push them more towards healthy snacks instead of biscuits that might be better for their kids.  

During our online session, we’ll show you the different exercises and movements that might work out for you. For the movements, we’ll use, for instance, band elastics. We recommend you find some bands elastics as the workout would be more effective. You can also check our article on the different accessories which may be interesting for working out at home.

We plan our sessions on a weekly basis, just like our physical sessions, and work towards your goal. Also a very important tip, it’s imperative to drink water during a session so don’t forget to have a bottle of water next to you!


What’s the difference between online and physical training sessions?

To be honest, the big difference between online and physical training sessions is the difficulty of explaining an exercise. Since we are not physically with you we have to adapt our session to advise you as if you were right in front of us.

In addition, we don’t see a body in movement but only a body behind a screen, which makes the emphasis more difficult. An online personal trainer has to be very clear in the use of its word and must be understood, to transfer their motivation as well as their knowledge in sport. That’s why you’ll often be asked to stand on your profile. That way, we will have a better look at your posture and advise you to the best of our ability.

In fact, during physical sessions, we are always used to turning around our clients to see if they are doing the exercise correctly. Unfortunately, that’s impossible behind a screen. For us, it would be the main difference between online and physical training sessions. However, they do have some similarities and online training has its perks.


The joy of online personal training with Pret-a-Train

Indeed, online personal training has actually had great results, and clients seem rather satisfied by it! Online personal training has many benefits as you won’t have to get out of your comfort zone. For instance, some of our clients finish their work, get changed, turn on their phone and work out with our personal trainers. Just as simple as that! It can be such a comfortable way to practice while saving time. Online personal training is also a good way to combine sports activity as well as family life. It is also convenient for us because we can train you without moving from our place. 

For instance, our main coach does several sessions at home or outdoors throughout the day and in the evening he does his online session. It is very practical for him to, as he just has to turn on his camera, do his session, and have fun! You may not know this but we have a lot of fun during our online sessions. It is a great period where we exchange, laugh, work out and overall have a good time together!


Have fun and keep your motivation

Actually, sports is a way to escape from our problems in our lives so it’s very important to have fun and to make this moment of leisure a moment of pleasure. In fact, if you like what you do you will learn better and achieve your goals faster instead of finding this activity boring and consider it as a chore.

Online personal training is a great alternative to continue our business during this current complicated period that we are going through. It allows you to continue to exercise and us to continue the job that we love so much. In fact, it is very important to continue to exercise during this period, even if most of the gyms are closed. As we nearly all work from home and cannot continue our physical activities apart from walking, we don’t move as much and lose our shape and ultimately our motivation. That’s why Pret a Train is here to give you fun, motivation as well as expertise.



So yes that was a quick summary of what we do in online personal training with Pret a Train. Of course, we can talk more in-depth about what it entails for hours, but I hope that it was clear enough. If you still have some questions, or if some points are still rough for you, do not hesitate to contact us in order to have a discussion together. Continue to have fun and exercise! 


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