Are you currently suffering from joint pain after a gym session? Then, you may be part of the large number of people who suffer from joint pain every day.

Also known as arthritis, joint pain is usually manifested by difficulty in movement. Pains can be felt throughout the body but mainly through the knee, hip, shoulders or fingers. They can concern every person at any age.

Joint pain can bother you, make you look clumsy or ruin partially your life. In clear, joint pain can be seen as hell.

However, it exists several ways to relieve joint pain. Have a look to 5 ways to do so.


Use hot and cold therapy

This method is one of the best ways to relieve joint pain.

Indeed, use this therapy right after you feel pain at your joints. The combination of hot and cold is very helpful for your body to recover after exercise. It also allows you to reduce swelling or stiffness in the joint and speed up the healing process as this way is invigorating and refreshing.

Use hot gel pack on your painful area for 20 minutes. Then, use another cold gel pack right after. Use this therapy immediately when you feel pain through your joint.

If you don’t have any gel you can do with bath, shower and ice.


Do meditation

Meditation is one of the most excellent ways to relieve joint pain. It helps you to cope your joint pain more effectively with your symptoms.

Besides, you can largely lower stress and cope with it at a long term. When we’re stressed, our bodies trigger the release of stress hormones, causing inflammation, and increasing pain to already hurtful joints.
Therefore, by lowering stress, you can reduce any swelling, stiffness or pain. Then, you can relieve your joint pain little by little.

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Have a fatty acid diet

Fatty acid is known as omega-3. This specific fatty acid is particularly helpful to reduce any inflammation, swelling and stiffness through your hurtful joint pain.

Not only does fatty acid help your join pain to relieve but it also provides good calories and rich nutriments (like vitamins, minerals, etc.) to the proper functioning of your body.

Don’t hesitate to prepare delicious meals adding different food that contain omega-3. They’re mainly found in fish and other seafood such as salmon, mackerel, tuna or sardines. In nuts and seeds (walnuts, several oils). In fortified foods such as yogurt, juices, milk, eggs…

Diet plays a major role in the well-being of your joints.


Get a massage

Massage is an efficient solution in order to relieve joint pain. In fact, you are manipulating your body’s skin, muscles and other tissues by doing different movements on. Therefore, massaging your hurtful joints can help reduce stiffness and swelling. It also improves range of motion in your joints.

There are a ton of massages that you can do yourself or you can go to a therapist specialised in join pain.



Physical activity helps prevent and relieve joint pain by improving joint flexibility and nourishing cartilage.

During physical practice, it’s important to warm up your body well, to best prepare your joints for any shocks. Be careful about the intensity of the effort you put into it, so as not to traumatise or hurt roughly your joints.

Remember to hydrate yourself and do some stretching at the end of your exercise. This is mainly important. 

There are a large range of sport that are ideal to relieve joint pain.

You can try yoga or floor gymnastics. But the best exercise is swimming. Indeed, into the water your joints are completely freed from the weight of your whole body because you have absolutely no contact with the ground. 

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Joint pain can be really difficult to live with that’s the reason why you can try these several ways to relieve joint pain.

Having difficulties in reproducing movements, in moving his limbs correctly is the fate of many people that suffered from joint or articulation pain.

However, many solutions are available to you to relieve your pain. Every part of your daily life is concerned from diet, physical health, mental health.

The more you’ll do these helpful solutions, the better you can get your body used to every movement and physical activity. And thus you can avoid any joint pain in the future.


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