I’ve recently started climbing. What an amazing thing to do. Into the sports environment, I’ve been more into fitness than nothing else. But I was certain deep in myself that it will not be suitable for the long term. Or it will not be enough to do push-ups, squats and lifting weights anyway. That is why I’ve decided to start climbing and for you people, I’m going to tell you why climbing can be good for you.


Climbing makes you focus

Right. When you climb you need to be focused. If you are not you can fail on your goals. So as painting or anything you are deep into the present moment and you can be in what we call the flow. The present moment. Where life happens. Without doing philosophy on this post. It can just make you more focused on your life as well. For anything else, work, or just conversation with friends.

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Climbing makes you stronger 

You surpass yourself at each session. You work on every part of your body, arms, legs, back, etc. Even the body parts that you are not used to working into fitness, like forearms, fingers, and wrists.  

Climbing is a great way to become stronger in your everyday life and it can boost your confidence as well.


Climbing is a complete sport

Indeed, as said in the last point, climbing can be good for you as it works on all parts of your body but not just that. It can work on your endurance, your agility, and your flexibility. To reach some grips, often you need to spread your legs and your arms. This increases your flexibility, work on your cardio, and your muscle strength which makes climbing one complete sport. Plus, every kind of person can do it. If you do indoor climbing like bouldering, it’s pretty good secure, and there are tracks of grips for every level.     


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Climbing gives you better self-confidence

Missing self-confidence? Start climbing then. As I said in the climbing environment you surpass yourself often. This is what I mention all the time when you start the sport and you start to push yourself. To do better, to be more focused, to master a topic. This gives you confidence in a precise area that can spread in all other areas of your life. 

Moreover, when you climb you have to trust yourself to grab the next grip sometimes. Trusting yourself and believing in yourself is the main thing to boost your confidence.


Climbing makes you healthier and happier

That could be the most important point. Like when you do any sport you release the feel-good hormones. This is again the case when you climb. And I can promise you that when you are focus and you reach a summit you feel ecstasy. No drugs needed. Addiction comes as you want to stay happy. Addiction becomes consistent. Which is why it can make you healthier.


A great complement to fitness

Every time that I face a new client, I am asking myself what this person can do as a complement to what we do. In fact, for me, that’s the key for the long term. Of course in Pret a Train we are happy to have people staying with us in the long term. However, this is not the goal. And unfortunately, when they do stop personal training some of them don’t do sport anymore. Moreover, being active is not just about doing fitness or lifting weight I repeat. It s about moving up and having an active life. Climbing steps, walk everyday, run from time to time. Or just met a bunch of friends or go climbing consistently by yourself. So climbing outdoor for spring and summer or indoors when it’s winter or autumn can be a great complement to your gym routine all year long.


I hope all these reasons make you understand why climbing can be good for you. If getting stronger, having more fun in life, and get healthier is something you look for. 



Image “Climbing gives you better self-confidence” from Taylor Burnett on Pixabay.

Photo “Climbing makes you stronger” by yns plt on Unsplash


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