You probably know what kind of foods will make you healthy. Vegetables and fruits are great to give you vitamins and minerals. Lentils and kidney beans are good for proteins.

But what about Junk Foods which can actually make you healthy?

These 3 Junk Foods aren’t so bad for your health and can have actually great benefits. On top of that, these healthy junk foods are good to enjoy during a chilling time.



Wanna enjoy popcorn front of a great movie meanwhile still being healthy? Check!

In fact, scientists have shown that popcorns have actually more antioxidant called “polyphenols” than fruits and vegetables !

You can read more about the studies at the end of the article.

Tip: Don’t have it every night, but enjoy it every Thursday front of your favorite tv show. Thursday popcorn then to brighten up your week!


Peanut butter:

Junk healthy food peanut butter

Craving for something sweet on the morning? Peanut butter can be your ally then!

Peanut butter can be a good source of protein and good healthy fat. It also contains magnesium, zinc and other good minerals that our body needs daily.

A study on women and men has shown that eating peanuts could reduce weight gain and lower risk of obesity.

Tip: As Peanut butter can be caloric, try to have just one spoon daily and savour it. The goal will be to not finish the contain in once and try to buy just one every one or two weeks. Depends if you share it!


Dry Stout beer:

Junk food healthy

Want to have one beer from time to time? Go for Guinness!

One pint of dark cream beer like Guinness could help you to improve your blood circulation.

In fact, a study done by an American University,  have shown that drinking one pint of Guinness could prevent heart disease.

Dark cream beer contains antioxidant like the one find in popcorns, dark chocolate and other not so guilty bad foods.

Tip: Wish to see some friends and enjoy a great game! Have one Guinness and know when to stop then.


Now you know what you can enjoy in front of the next series of Netflix meanwhile staying healthy.




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