I know many people are confused about what they could eat as carbs. They can actually be scared to eat carbs because they might think it’s like sugar. Carbs are actually a big source of nutrients that our body needs. Except if you are going to a keto diet and you transform the first source of the body as fat instead of carbs. So here stop being confused and get the best source of healthy carbs. Get your nutrients and eat healthy. 

All the best sources of healthy carbs come from mother nature. 



Lentils are a great source of carbs. They are very healthy and contain a great amount of Iron which is an important mineral which gives you energy. Many people in this world are suffering from anaemia caused by the fact that they don’t eat enough iron through their diet. So eat some lentils, get some healthy carbs and minerals with it. 

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Here’s an important food well often neglected in our modern world. Great source of healthy carbs, chickpeas contain actually everything that our body needs: carbs, protein and good fat!

So enjoy yourself by put them on any meals that you are cooking. 




Rice is a major one. It comes from mother nature as well. Many don’t know if it’s better to eat pasta or rice. The thing is Pasta is being made by human and flour which is not really natural. Rice is natural coming from all over the world and nourishing healthily many people in our world for many many centuries. Rice is a good source of healthy carbs. 

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For many quinoas is a great superfood. With his amount of proteins and great healthy source of carbs. Quinoa is one of the best carbs in the world. Might be the best? Depends if you like it actually. For many, it can be not as tasty as expected, but actually quinoa can be great in a salad or with some olive oil. Use spice and cook it. This is a very healthy source of carbs. 



Potatoes is a well known healthy carb. Like rice, potatoes are cheap and give you a great number of carbs for 100gr. The thing is that all these healthy carbs don’t contain too many calories. So that makes them very healthy. Try to go for local and organic potatoes like for any other source of carbs and that will make them very healthy and better for our body and environment. 

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Red, kidney, black eyes, all kind of beans are very good sources of carbs. You can also found a good amount of proteins in them which makes these beans very healthy. Just eat them hot or even mix them with rice, or eat them fresh (once it’s cooked) with salad, it’s all up to you. Knowing that you can just go for it!



These are great healthy sources of carbs that you can find anywhere. So now there is no more secret for you and you know where to find your carbs. Don’t avoid them. They are part of our lifestyle. We need carbs to perform well in our day. Again at least you are going on a keto diet and prefer nourishing yourself with a healthy fat. Anyway now you have choices. Also, don’t forget that you find carbs in every veggies and fruit. 

Up to you to decide as long as you eat healthy and enough. 



Cover pic best sources of healthy carbs and rice by Pexels from Pixabay 



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