Nowadays, the profession of a personal trainer is highly taught. This is because it’s a job in which you need to put passion. The competition is very high and varied. Therefore, having the required qualities is a starting point to be successful in this job.

If you’re willing to begin a personal trainer career, this post is perfect for you.

In order to achieve the objective of your (future) clients, it’s essential to have good skills to work correctly.

Let’s jump right into 10 best skills for a personal trainer.



the best skills for a personal trainer passion

A true personal trainer is a person who lives his profession with passion. It’s what he transmits in each of the sessions he offers. You need to spread knowledge so that your clients believe them. And are sure that you’re the personal trainer that they need to meet their objectives. A great personal trainer needs to enjoy his work. Only in this way is it possible to share with your clients your passion for sports. It’s a  necessary impulse to carry out a good training session.


Communication skills

Communication is probably one of the best skills for a personal trainer. Indeed, you must be able to justify and explain the reason for the exercise routines. So that you and your clients know the importance of them and the implications in various areas of their lives. A good personal trainer acts as a real and motivated company to help the client throughout the training sessions.


Listening skills

Being a good communicator is good but being a good listener is even better. If a client feels listened to, he feels valued. And in this way, the client will be in a good mood for every workout and to meet his objectives.

It’s, thus, important to have a personal trainer who can listen to your requests.


Training skills

the best skills for a personal trainer training skills

Do not forget that health is in the hands of you as a personal trainer. For this reason, the personal trainer must have a specialized academic background and be endorsed by an official institution. Moreover, a personal trainer knows everything about sport and health. He can, for instance, articulate a whole series of exercises. Also, know how many exercises do you need, help you to recover properly, etc…


Best skills for a personal trainer: motivation

Motivation is fundamental for your clients. Some clients come motivated and only need small touches of attention. But others need to be helped from the first minute. For the latter, a personal trainer is a fundamental help to perform their exercises and meet their objectives.


Best skills for a personal trainer: Empathy

The world of customer service is a universe in which understanding what your customer wants is essential. You must put yourself in the client’s place and find out what he wants from each session, make him understand in an easy and enjoyable. But also let him know that everything is part of previous planning, that there is nothing improvised and that everything results in his health.


Best skills for a personal trainer: planning

the best skills for a personal training planning

Good planning is an essential aspect when it comes to obtaining the established results. For this reason, a personal trainer should structure the sessions well. And to be able to make the necessary adjustments according to the inconveniences or results that the clients are obtaining.


Best skills for a personal trainer: patience

One of the best skills for a personal trainer is patience. Consequently, the clients know that with patience and continuity they will be able to achieve their objectives. Your personal trainer does not have to rush. 


Personalization skills

Every person is unique, therefore, as professionals, you must adapt and advise according to every personal profile. You have to be very attentive to both verbal and non-verbal language. It’s a mistake to expect identical reactions and results between two different people doing the same training.


Best skills for a personal trainer: dedication

Great professionals assure that it’s fundamental to study the client’s life, tastes, habits, and above all his strengths and weaknesses. From here the personal trainer will get much of the information that will guide him to provide good customer service. Once he controls these aspects, he must know how to motivate himself not to give up. This has to be applied even in the hardest moments. If a client is willing to tell him about his weaknesses, his concerns, etc.. It’s because the personal trainer has given trust, which is the key to good training to have the best results.



Becoming a personal trainer isn’t something easy. Besides good certified qualifications, personal training requires a real willingness and a very precise professional objective.

If you know how to be professional. How to show human qualities such as empathy, listening to others, patience. If you know how to identify needs and understand your clients. There is a good chance that you will become a good personal trainer.

Personal training is above all a time of relaxation and pleasure and even if physical exercises are sometimes difficult, the quality of the atmosphere and your relationship with your clients must be at the forefront.




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