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The 5 best exercises to work out all your body parts

In fitness, as we know there are plenty of exercises that you can do. Some work the back muscles some work the legs others the arms, and others the core and the abs. Nonetheless, there are 4 essential exercises that need to be learned that work all body parts. 2 of them work the legs, front and back. The 2 others work the upper body, chest, and back so front and back again. 2 are pulling exercises, and the 2 others are pushing exercises. This is why by working and mastering these 4 moves you can find the balance and be able to work out all parts. Then there is a 5th one which can help to strengthen everything. These 5 moves are compound movements which means they work several muscles at the same time.

Let’s get deep into these 5 best exercises to work all your body parts.


1 – Squat exercise

The squat works mostly on the front legs, even if they are going to work in different parts of your legs. Depends on the way you position your feet. The more you open your stand position the more the side of your legs will be involved. The squat is probably one of the best exercises in the world as it also works your core, calves, etc..

This move is used a lot when the goal is to lose weight as the legs are the biggest muscle in the body so when you are working them you are burning plenty of calories. Especially when you’re doing jumping squats as it also works on your cardiovascular system.


The important points to do a perfect squat

To start the squat put your feet shoulder-width apart even a bit beyond if you feel more comfortable. Put your toes looking on their sides.

When you go deep down don’t go further than 90 degrees on your knee to not extend too much your tendons and ligaments. In the move of getting down put your weights on your hips, to protect your knees. When you are in the lower position your knees need to be behind your toes. Always! Use a mirror to check. Lift up your chest and always look forward to you.

If you can’t go to a 90-degree angle when you do. Go to 60/70 degree reach. If you are not confident enough at the beginning use a chair to sit on and do several sit and go up, which is also a squat movement.

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2 – Deadlift exercise

The second move on your leg again. However, the deadlift will work mostly on your back legs. The lower back, upper back, and bottom can also be involved a lot in this great exercise. As the squat is more into the pushing part which works your front body. Mixed with the deadlift which works your back body it gives you the perfect balance just by doing perfectly these twos. You can try to do a superset, one set when you do squats followed by one deadlift then you already have a perfect workout.

At Pret-a-Train we use a lot of these two legs to move when our client wants to tone up or lose weight. These two moves are important to be mastered.


The important points to do a proper deadlift

Again keep your chest up and look forward, especially when you lift the bar or the elastic bands. The deadlift is easier to make with some weights without material. This move is different than the squat as you have to put your hips more behind than low to feel the extension on your back legs on the move of getting down. When you’re doing it look forward and at the end put your shoulders on your back to finish the move to feel and work on your upper back level. This again is a compound exercise as several muscles are involved.


3 – Push-up exercise

Push-up work on your chest. That is why this is the perfect guy exercise. Even if this exercise can be good for your girls as well as it makes their chests more toned and fit.

The push-up then works your front body. Pushing exercise as is the name mentioned. There exist many variations to work different parts of your body and add more difficulties.


The important points to do a proper push-up

Position your hands on your chest line out of your shoulders. When getting low put your chest down in the line of your hands.

Engage always your abs. I know it’s hard to do. But it’s unfortunate to see that many people, when doing push-ups, round their back and can hurt themselves by doing that.

If you cannot do proper full push-ups try to start to be on your knees then do the move.


4 – Pull-up exercise

Hehehe. That one can be the hardest of all these best exercises which work your all body.

This is a back exercise pulling one. If it’s too hard to pull you up. You can use a machine or get the balance to also have a back exercise you can substitute that one with the rowing exercise. The good thing is that if you can pull yourself up you just need a bar. If you are into rowing for your back you can just use a TRX.

It could also be good to start by doing chin-ups which will involve your back and your biceps. The more muscles are involved the easier it can be. But easy is not a word that we can assimilate to pull up. I will definitely recommend you use a TRX or a machine to work on that part. If you are not into the gym. You can skip that one and go on to the next one which is the fifth-best exercise. The plank works on your all back and core as well.


The important points to a perfect pull-up

Position your hands on a pull-up or chin-up, meaning a prone or supine position.

Keep your chest up again your core engaged lift yourself up and try to reach the bar with your chest. Bend your knees and your feet on the back when you lift up.


5 – Plank exercise

And finally the plank. We can’t leave that one. Which works on the truck of your body. Which sustained you every day. Which makes you stand. How can I tell you how much is for you to do the plank?

Plank helps you to keep your back free of pain. A perfect plank can help you to strengthen your abs making your body stronger and helping you to do all 4 movements we just saw more perfectly. Planks help you to lose inches off your waist, and work on the deep muscles around your spine. So this is how much plank is important. Personal trainers can be obsessed with that one cause this is the one that makes you stand daily.


The important points to do a proper plank

You can position yourself on the palm of your hands or your elbows. The goal is to put your belly button into your stomach. And keep your back as straight as you can. Again use a mirror to help you to see if you have your back straight. If you feel too much tension on your lower back you can use the cat position and round a bit your back into the air not into the floor to not have the back curve which will make too much tension on your lower back.

A perfect plank is like doing a coffee table where everybody can put his cup of tea on his back. If it’s too hard to stand your feet, put your knees down first. Then when you’re ready, level up the table.




These 5 exercises are the ones which will make you work your all body. By just doing these ones consistently and mastering them you can be fit and healthy. Improve your standing position, lose weight, build muscle and be more energetic and stronger. Focus on the form, focus just on doing them well.

Hope this article will help.

Be strong, healthy, and consistent.

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