Avocado has become one of the unavoidable dishes of our days. Whether sliced on a toast for a brunch or for guacamole, we keep finding its green color everywhere. If it’s also popular, it’s because avocado belongs to what we call superfoods. In fact, these are unprocessed foods, rich in vitamins and minerals, which are good for our health. This fruit is very beneficial to stay healthy, that’s what we are going to develop below. Here are 5 benefits of avocado.


1 / Avocado, rich in fats, good for the heart

The benefits of avocado heart

Avocado is indeed full of monounsaturated fats, or Omega 9. These, including folic acid, help to keep your arteries in good condition and reduce risks of infarction.

Moreover, it’s a powerful asset for fighting against bad cholesterol. Indeed, its concentration of beta-sitosterol causes a reduction in the level of LDL in the blood. This rate corresponds to bad cholesterol.

Thus, the fats contained in avocado clean your vessels’ network while fighting against blood clots.


2 / Avocado, an ally against cravings

One of the other benefits of avocado is mainly due to its high fiber content (5.1g per 100g). Indeed, fibers, when ingested, swell into the stomach. This fulfills it, giving you less desire to nibble. This has been put in evidence by an American study.

In the same way, associated with it, the oleic acid contained in it transmits a message to the brain. It gives it an impression of satiety. It’s, therefore, easier to resist hunger because you do not feel (or at least you feel less) desire to nibble.

Be careful, you shouldn’t eat more than 2 whole avocados in a week if you want to lose weight. The reason why is that it’s still full of fats, even if they’re beneficial.


3 / Avocado, your hydration trick

The benefits of avodaco hydration

The avocado has strong moisturizing power. Thus, the vitamin E contained in this fruit is known for its anti-aging benefits. It softens and relaxes tissues of your body, increasing your skin’s elasticity. Through direct consumption or as a mask, it has an intensifying effect on the cells contained in the epidermis. It allows, for example, to fight against wrinkles or even to calm a sunburn.

Because of its effect on the skin, avocado oil can also be used to accelerate the healing process. Indeed, its oil repairs damaged tissues. It’s for this reason that it’s also recommended to be used to repair stretch marks.


4 / Avocado, protection against some pathologies

Like many members of the superfoods’ family, one of the benefits of avocado can help to fight against some types of cancer. Thus, antioxidants present in fruits (and therefore in avocado), have an action against free radicals. Their presence is one of the causes leading to the formation of cancer. In addition, carotene (in mass inside carrots), has the same effect. However, it multiplies its action when you ingest food with it in, in addition to avocado. They thus allow regeneration of cells.

Avocado also helps to fight against pathologies related to vision. Mostly thanks to its vitamin A, this fruit makes it possible to maintain longer your sight in good condition. It can be used to prevent diseases such as ARMD (age-related macular degeneration) or cataract.


5 / Avocado, a friend of your transit

The benefits of avocado transit

Finally, as said before, avocado is very rich in fiber. In addition to a satiating effect, it also helps to foster good digestion. By that, its consumption improves your transit, making it possible to fight for example against bloating.

Its richness in potassium (21% of the daily needs) becomes an asset to get a flat stomach. Thus, by improving your digestion, it reduces swelling after a meal. Your body assimilates your food more quickly, and thus reduces a swollen belly.


To conclude:

The benefits of avocado are thus very numerous. They can be applied in the field of nutrition, but also on cosmetics. However, these effects are much more effective (and without side effects) if you only consume organic products.

In addition, as said above, avocado is one of the best foods for your health, but only in small doses. Thus, you will not risk gaining weight this way!

We encourage you to integrate it into your eating habits because it does wonders!

“Everything goes with avocado!”



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