Which skills do you need to be a life coach? You might want to become a life coach. You might ask yourself where to start and you might wonder if that the good job for you. So here to ask yourself what are the skills you need to be a life coach, can be a good start. Then you can check if you are that kind of person. Or if you need to work on different skills. 

I believe that if you want to become a life coach, you first need to feel it. You first need to know that you want to help people around. And your experience, your instinct will tell you to do it. However, if you are not sure yet. This is good to know if you have the right skills for it. 

So here, in my own opinion, are the skills you need to become a life coach



It might sound obvious, but be a caring person is an important trait you need to have if you want to become a life coach. Obviously, a good life coach cares about the people he works with. 

Caring about others, and yourself I will say is important to do not neglect you or the person you are working with. As a life coach like as a personal trainer, you’ll be often in contact with people who needs you to feel happier, so it makes sense in your job that you do care. 


Good listener

The second skill to become a life coach seems again evident. As a good life coach, you need to be a good listener. 

Don’t get me wrong, you need to talk and be good in communication, giving some advice to help your client. However, to really help your client first, you need to understand him or her. So you need to make them talk about what they really want or need from you. And by being a good listener, you’ll listen to what is important for them, and this is how you’ll be the best to help them.



I think you need a passion for your job in any job you do. The more you are passionate, the more the job won’t be as a chore. As I say in the introduction if you want to become a life coach you might feel it. You might be passionate about helping people. And that is the great start then. 

The more passionate you are, the better the life coach you can be. As if you care about your work, your people, then you’ll put the hours, the study, and the philosophy behind it. 

Passion could be like enthusiasm, and when enthusiasm is there, then work get a lot of different meaning and aspect. 



This human skill doesn’t seem obvious actually. But I’m like how can you care and love others if you don’t like yourself. As a human being, and especially as a life coach you need self-love. 

This can be like the basis of everything. It’s fundamental in life. And by loving yourself, you’ll be able to love your job, to love others, and to be a good life coach.  



This skill you need to become the coach you want to seem more clear. People need you, so then they want to feel that they are in good hands. And for you, to make them feel that clear and truthfully you need to have self-esteem. 

So to have self-confidence as a person, there are many methods. However, to become a confident life coach, you need to practice, you need to have some experience, you need to read, to have the skills that we talk just previously. Then with experience, you’ll become confident. Then you can share that to others and to your client. 


Last note

Here I’ve shared to you 5 basic skills you need to become a life coach. But then, as you might understand there are several others that you can imagine that some life coach has, or that you might need to be good at what you do. Like having no biases, like be good at asking questions, or again having great awareness. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to do an exhaustive list here, cause for me as I say, you need to feel it. 

If you want to become a life coach you need to have some tools as well that you can find in your study or in some books, or on the web. But human skills are important and the ones that I share to you are, indeed.

Some more specific skills that you will need will also depend on your specificity if, for instance, you want to be a business life coach or love life coach.

Then if you want to be that coach, just go for it, embark on a class or talk with some others. And see if you feel it. We always need people who care genuinely about others, and that they are happy to put their values, their heart, work/passion to it. 


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