Build mass can turn into a process relatively difficult depending on your metabolism. In fact, the fastest your metabolism is, the harder it will be to build mass. It requires then a large amount of work and determination in this process. 

But it exists a simple tip to build mass which is mainly found in the diet. Indeed, the diet plays more than 70% of your entire process after exercise.

This post will tackle the importance of diet and how to get a healthy one in your weight gain process.


A healthy diet

The key to building mass is having a varied and healthy diet. But most importantly, it’s being over calorific that can really help you gain weight and mass.

The body requires more and more calories after training. This excess of calories will allow the body to recover effectively. It will also help build muscle mass. The problem is that it can be very difficult to know exactly how many calories to bring to the body daily. Everyone is different, has different activities every day and does not feed in the same way. But you must consume more calories to lead you in excess.

For that, we can recommend to you the app: My Fitness Pal that will calculate the amount of calorie in every food you eat. You don’t need to constantly put what you eat, but do eat for a few days you’ll realize much more how much you eat. 




Among the numerous nutrient your body needs, protein is the essential ingredient for building mass. Strengthening exercises increase protein needs and help your muscles tissues to be repaired for at least 24 hours after exercise. Therefore, protein should be the basis of every meal in order to gain muscle. You can, for instance, favor lean meat, poultry breasts, eggs, fatty fishes such as salmon, sardines, mackerel…. If you are veg and try to reduce the meat, you can go for mushrooms, grains, nuts, and meat alternatives like tofu. Some of these foods are also great sources of omega 3 which is essential for weight and mass gain.

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personal trainer simple tip to build mass fats

Good fats are also required in a building mass. Good fats are found in egg yolk, especially if they are organic. Oils, rich in saturated fatty acids, have been reported to have health benefits. It can be part of a healthy diet. Nonetheless, be careful not to overuse this nutrient.

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personal trainer simple tip to build mass carbohydrates

Eating lots of carbohydrates is also very important. Simple carbohydrates after training are excellent because they restore your insulin level that was reduced during exercise. They allow the synthesis of proteins and therefore allows them to gain muscle mass. Complex carbohydrates are also essential for building muscle mass. They allow a release of energy during the day, which improves your muscle cells.

Finally, essential other nutrients must be incorporated into your daily meals such as antioxidants, minerals, or vitamins.



Vegetables are those ingredients that you can load your dishes without being afraid of calories. They’re rich in fiber, vitamins, potassium, water, and more. Adding vegetables to your meals allow to even more satiation. You can use starchy vegetables to substitute complex carbohydrates. For instance, you can eat potatoes instead of pasta at night to facilitate your digestion. Or you can use zucchini noodles as a substitute for real spaghetti if you’re trying to lose weight.

Finally, play with colors when it comes to vegetables. Adding different types of vegetable in you meals allows hitting your daily micronutrient needs.


A simple tip to build mass from Personal trainers is simply to eat a healthy and over-caloric diet. It’s important to take into account the main nutrients your body needs in order to build mass. Firstly, protein is hugely important because they won’t only repair your muscles cells, but they will significantly provide with your body the right amount of calories. Moreover, fats, carbohydrates, and other nutrients are required to build a solid and healthy diet to increase your mass.


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Main photo of simple tip to build mass by Elias Sch. from Pixabay 

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