If you have been experiencing back pain, the first thing it might come to your mind is to relieve back pain with a personal trainer. Personal trainers are professionals that help you not only feel good about your body but also to be in good shape. If you experience back pain, whatever the reasons are, you can approach a personal trainer who’ll help you recover. Recovering means identifying why you experience back pain in the first place.

Let’s see how you can relieve your back pain with a personal trainer. 


Identify the origin of your back pain with a personal trainer 

The first thing you should consider if you want to relieve back pain with a personal trainer is telling them how it all started. They need to know and consider many things before helping you. For instance, your personal trainer should know to what extent the pain is agonizing you. They should also for how long you had the pain and last but not least the origin of the pain. This means knowing what caused the pain and if it hurts to the point that you can’t exercise. 

When considering those factors, your personal trainer will know how to approach your pain. Moreover, they will know what exercises you can and can’t perform. 

In fact, if it’s a light pain that appeared once after a wrong move then it’s not threatening. However, if it’s an acute pain that you’ve been dealing with for a long time consider seeing a health care professional. The pain can be caused by many reasons: from a wrong move to a severe illness. 

At this point, your personal trainer will be able to create a program for your back pain relief through strength exercises. In fact, it’s important to know that even if you have back pain you can still train. Thus, your personal trainer will teach you what painless exercises you can perform while still seeing progress in your fitness journey. 


Strength exercises to correct your pain with a personal trainer 

Your personal trainer will help your release your back pain with exercises that will strengthen your core. In fact, the more you engage your core and it gets stronger the more your pain will go away. For example, instead of doing crunches, you can do planks. This is one of the many exercises that engage your core without engaging your back, especially the lower part. In fact, when you do a crunch you put pressure on your back which will cause pain. Instead, exercises like planks, bridges, and bird dogs allow strengthening your back by minimizing the pain.  

Your personal trainer is not only a professional capable of teaching you how to exercise. They’re also here to help you find solutions to problems you might even notice by working out. In fact, your personal trainer might see an imbalance in your weight distribution that might cause you back pain. As a matter of fact, if it’s not well distributed this can be a reason you’re not standing correctly. And if you’re not standing correctly you’ll be dealing with back pain.

In addition, your personal trainer will know what triggers your back pain. It might be how your spine is positioned (for instance, sitting too long). It might also be carrying heavy weights or movements that require back extension. The most important thing about exercising is being consistent in order to relieve your pain. Therefore you’ll not only manage your everyday life tasks that require strength. But you’ll also see improvement in your workouts and achieve your personal goals. 


Stretch for pain relief with a personal trainer 

Stretching is important whether you have back pain or not. It’s also necessary outside your fitness goals because it has many benefits. In fact, when done regularly it can improve posture and flexibility by relieving pain. With your personal trainer, you can learn how to stretch your back in order to break the tightness of your muscle. In fact, your personal trainer can design a program that consists of strength training and stretching. 

First, consider finding a personal trainer that has experience with people who have trained while dealing with muscle pain. Then, consider starting slowly especially with stretching. In fact, we advise you to stretch slowly and use mind-muscle connection to feel your backstretch. Remember that your back is one of the biggest muscles in your body. And as your muscle might have taken time to tighten and your pain to gradually increase, it won’t disappear in one go. You’ll learn how to properly warm-up before exercising and before stretching. Finally, your personal trainer will guide you to slowly stretch every day. Hence you’ll get used to your routine and you’ll recover better. 


Tips for back pain relief 

Along with exercise and stretch, there also tips to relieve back pain with a personal trainer. For instance, simples movements and habits that you can apply in your everyday life. There are actually many tips to help with your back pain, we’ll mention some of them. 

Sleeping is important for your mental health of course but also for your body. A personal trainer might suggest investing in a new mattress and/or in a pillow. In fact, a good pillow and mattress will follow your movements keeping your spine neutral. They can also suggest specific sleeping positions to have a quality night of sleep. For example, a typical position is sleeping on one side or another with a pillow in between your legs. This helps your pelvis, hips, and spine to be aligned. Another tip could be sitting correctly with your laptop positioned at the same height as your face. This will allow you to stay straight and keep your head up. 



If you want to find solutions to your back pain find a personal trainer that helps you with these points. They should help you identify your pain and what triggers it. Finally, through their help, you should progressively be able to make movements without feeling pain.

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