Practicing a physical activity during pregnancy it’s beneficial to keep you, and your baby, healthy and safe. This step is also called prenatal training. Prenatal training is a service and type of practice where women exercise before giving birth. 

Indeed, women go through many changes during pregnancy. From physiological, to biological and psychological changes. This is why every woman should have a bespoke program. Thus, you’ll ensure you have a workout program based on your needs. In fact, every woman experiences pregnancy differently. 

We’ll explain to you what are the benefits of physical activity during pregnancy.


Physical activity during pregnancy: posture

The importance of physical activity during pregnancy resides in becoming strong and staying active. Human beings are naturally designed to move.

Needless to say that moving becomes harder when you carry a human being in your body.

However, physical activity can help with facilitating movements. 

In fact, the first thing you’ll be able to improve is your posture. If you improve your posture you’ll be less fatigued. When you’re pregnant, you might experience back pain. This is due to the ligaments in your body that naturally become softer and get stretched. Moreover, during pregnancy your center of gravity shifts.

As a matter of fact, the growing foetus weight puts pressure on your spine. If you have good posture you’re less likely to experience unbearable pain.


Physical activity during pregnancy: balanced weight 

During pregnancy you naturally gain weight. Of course, this is because you need to provide enough nutrients for yourself and your baby. So don’t be afraid of it. 

However, if you don’t know how to follow a meal plan or how to stay in shape consider prenatal personal training. 

It’s an important part of your pregnancy journey. Indeed, studies have shown that gaining too much weight can result in short-term or long-term risks. For instance, long term obesity or diabetes. Moreover, there are also studies that have shown that most women gain above the recommended weight

This is why it’s essential to keep track of your weight and overall health. Besides going to your gynaecologist, you can consider hiring a personal trainer.

They will help you with your bespoke program, keep you safe and teach you how to exercise. 

Finally, if you eat healthy and exercise during pregnancy you’ll improve your blood flood making sure your baby is getting a good amount of nutrients and oxygen. 


Physical activity for your mental health 

Physical activity during pregnancy can help you with your mental health. Especially in the beginning stages of your pregnancy and post-partum/

Women tend to be more vulnerable and anxious because they experience big changes in their body. In addition, some also experience postpartum depression.

You can prevent these symptoms if you take care of your body with physical activity during pregnancy. 

You can seek help from your midwife or doctor with a care plan.And you can also reach for a personal trainer.

Physical activity will help you as an antidepressant and anti-anxiety without side effects.

Consequently you’ll feel more relaxed in the run-up to childbirth.


Physical activity for your physical health 

Last but not least, physical activity will help you with your physical health. We talked about posture and weight but there are many other aspects to consider. 

It’s important to note that not all exercises are suitable for pregnancy. Moreover, as we said previously, each woman is different. For instance, one type of exercise can be good for a woman but can cause pain to another. Hence the importance of having a bespoke program.

Your personal trainer can take into consideration if you’re someone who was already active before pregnancy. If not, you’ll probably start with low impact exercises, such as yoga or swimming. For instance, you won’t be able to lift weights but maybe do body weight strengthening exercises. Here’s an article that explains the difference between body weight and weight exercises.



The information we provided in this article are the main keys why physical activity during pregnancy is important. 

It will help you keep good posture, be in a good mental and physical health and keep a balanced weight. 

At Pret-a-Train we provide a pregnancy personal training service. You can get further information from our prenatal or postnatal personal training pages. 


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