At Pret-a-Train, we have great home personal trainers in London and Paris. They are all certified and well qualified. Passionated about their job respecting our strong values. They’re also all following a high standard training from our management team to make sure that our quality of services suits our standards and your needs. 

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Why doing personal training at home?

For many reasons, you can choose to train at home. Whatever you decide, our home Personal trainers will come to you, while providing you with the best of our services.

Our standard of personal training at home is among the best in London.

Our team is composed of qualified and creative home fitness trainers. They will find optimal solutions to do the best in your environment.

We provide all the necessary materials for each session so that we can offer you a variety of exercises adapted to your goals. 

It may even expand to bring music with us, which is always a plus for motivation!

Thus, our fitness trainers will not hesitate to use all the knowledge that they have accumulated through the years to give you a great home personal training.

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Personal training at Home in London

Personal training is not just about training! It is also about changing your habits for a healthier future.

Indeed, our services also include personalised monitoring of your diet. This is very important because it is what will give you a solid basis to reach your goals.

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Thus, thanks to our personal training service at home, your assigned fitness trainer could even directly check your daily diet, if you wish to. This can highlight the good and bad points, so you can change for the best your diet.

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Personal training at home, how does it work?

Our Personal trainers will travel to your home (or workplace) for your convenience based on your schedule. They will provide you with all the necessary materials. After time to study your current setups, your home personal trainer will arrange everything you need. All this to guarantee safety and to make training easier during the session.

As your sessions progress, we will refine your program tailored to your needs and your body. Our purpose is to help you go beyond your limits with our encouragements, positive energy, music or whatever you need to achieve your goals.

Once all your muscles are painful (thanks to your intensive work), your Personal trainer will end the hour with a stretching session. He/she will take this opportunity to help you relax. It will also be the moment to discuss your feelings and to evacuate remaining tensions.

You will be followed over the months by our entire team, to best meet your needs and requests.

Are you interested to get one of Personal trainers come at your home to make you discover our services?  

How does it work?

1) We carry out a first trial session lasting 1 hour. During this one, we talk about your needs, what you are looking for. This also allows us to be informed if you have any health problems or injuries.

2) Following this first consultation, we can proceed directly to your first session if you have time or postpone it until later in the week. At this meeting, we’ll start by taking your measurements and giving you all the nutrition advice that you need. The bespoke program will be given at this time to follow during the time you’ve chosen.

3) This step will be the one where you’ll train yourself with one of our knowledgeable Home Personal trainer in London

4) After your training sessions, you’ll take advantages of our follow-ups. You’ll be able to see your progress with the team and your PT as well.

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£60 per session.
Nutrition, healthy advice, and great follow-up given


£55 per session.
Nutrition, healthy advice, and great follow-up given


£50 per session.
Nutrition, healthy advice, and great follow-up given

Because of the quality of our services, prices are non negotiable.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us and ask for your trial session!

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