At Pret-a-Train, we have great mobile Personal trainers in Putney. Our team comes to deliver you our personal training services to your home or in the park next to. 

Mobile PT – Outdoor PT – Home PT

Our Personal trainers are certified, qualified and very knowledgeable, sharing our values. All our mobile personal trainers follow a high standard training to make sure that our high quality of services suit to our  standard and your needs.

Pret-a-Train isn’t only one PT coming to you. It’s a TEAM, oriented on the WELL-BEING of their clients, but also on their employees! We are all sharing good principles around us and that transpires to the people that we are helping.

We are not just a Personal training company. Our goal is to make you adapt to a healthy lifestyle which lasts.

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Mobile PTs in Putney

Our founder Romain has worked and lived as a Mobile Personal trainer for 5 years in Putney. So our team know well Putney area and his people. We always love to bike to your favorite park or to your home to deliver you a great workout. 

We love jogging and working out around the river or in Bishop’s park so be aware to bump into one of our team member. 

What is given?

Personal trainers

Where do the personal training sessions take place?

The Personal training sessions in Putney can be at your home or office. As We take the measurement during the first session, this one should be at home. Then, we are free to go to your favorite places. Bishops or Wandsworth Park or any other for instance! So, you won’t need to find the motivation to go to the gym. At Pret-a-Train we’re flexible to give and deliver you the best you can expect to adapt to your new routine. So, our Personal trainers in Putney will do according to you, your wishes and your needs.

Personal trainers in Putney river

Our missions

Pret-a-Train can make you exercising in every part of South West London. Moreover, our Personal trainers in Putney make people better and healthier every month of the year.

Our services are bespoke to you. Programs are really personalised and adapted to your needs, goals, inconveniences or abilities. So, whether it’s for being in better physical or mental shape, we’re here to help you.

Then, it’s possible that you’re working in central London and you may be very busy with your work. Or maybe you need to stay at home to keep an eye on your kids. This means you no longer necessarily have time to take care of yourself with doing sports or exercises.That’s why we adapt ourself to you in the Putney area. 

Stay in shape and lead to a healthy lifestyle! All our Pret-a-Train’s clients are satisfied with our services. Our PTs in Putney have already helped many people to have more energy. But also to release their stress, back problems, and anything that can increase their happiness.

Your results

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Then, it will be your times to think about other positive things than works and negative thoughts.

After each session, you’ll be proud of yourself, feeling well. Just waiting for your next session. And obviously at the end of your programme, you’ll see all your progresses and your goals which will be achieved. 

Moreover, the team will contact you to see how you feel. Measurement will be taken to be sure you stay on track. Our team will be able to show your results all along your programmes to keep your motivation high!

Finally, we know the Putney district very well because we have already trained many customers there. 

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£60 per session.
Nutrition, healthy advice, and great follow-up given


£55 per session.
Nutrition, healthy advice, and great follow-up given


£50 per session.
Nutrition, healthy advice, and great follow-up given

How does our personal training in Putney works?

You may ask yourself how are working our sessions, packs and programs.

1) We carry out a first trial session lasting 1 hour. During this one, we talk about your needs, what you are looking for. This also allows us to be informed if you have any health problems or injuries.

2) Following this first consultation, we can proceed directly to your first session if you have time or postpone it until later in the week. At this meeting, we’ll start by taking your measurements and giving you all the nutrition advices that you need. Bespoke program will be given at this time to follow during the time you’ve chose.

3) This step will be the one where you’ll train yourself with one of our knowledgeable Personal trainer in Putney. 

4) After your training sessions, you’ll take advantages of our follow-ups. You’ll be able to see yours progresses with the team and your PT as well.

Contact us for a Putney's PT

Ok now the only question you need to ask yourself is.. Are you ready to target your goals with us. So what do you need?

Just send us details about you, your needs and goals in the contact form below. 

One member of our team will quickly contact you to get to the first step.

Personal trainers in Putney fitness coach

So, why having Personal trainers in Putney, this simple question can have a simple answer. Because you can have a Pret-a-Train personal trainer in your area. 

Workout around the river

Our people love to workout in these park under the sunlight. They are sweating, enjoying the beauty of their area.

Enjoy the green spaces

Having personal trainers in Putney can make you enjoy the nature of your area. If you, for instance, living not in Putney but around like in Hammersmith, you could ask your Personal trainer to meet you in Bishops park for a fresh workout.