At Pret-a-Train, we offer high-quality mobile personal trainers services throughout London. Our team delivers sessions with certified and highly qualified Personal trainers in nearby parks or directly to your home. 

Pret-a-Train is a whole team and not just Personal trainers in London who are at your service. We do everything in our power to give you the maximum and meet your expectations, needs and goals. 

We share strong values with the principle of making people’s lifestyles better and healthier. 

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Personal trainers in London Pret-a-Train what is given

You no longer need to find the motivation to go to the gym, because now we’re coming to you. Pret-a-Train and its Personal trainers in London! 

Of course, London is very vague, so you can find all the places that we are covering with our personal training services: 

Personal trainers in the South areas

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How do we work?

You may ask yourself how are working our sessions, packs and programs.

1) We carry out a first trial session lasting 30 minutes. During this one, we talk about your needs, what you are looking for. This also allows us to be informed if you have any health problems or injuries.

2) Following this first consultation, we can proceed directly to your first session if you have time or postpone it, until later in the week. At this meeting, we’ll start by taking your measurements and giving you all the nutrition advice that you need. The bespoke program will be given at this time to follow during the time you’ve chosen.

3) This step will be the one where you’ll train yourself with one of our knowledgeable Personal trainers in London.

4) After your training sessions, you’ll take advantages of our follow-ups. You’ll be able to see your progress with the team and your PT as well.

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Personal trainers in London

As you can see Pret-a-Train is covering all areas of London. With our mobile personal trainer team, we are making sure to bring you everything you need to succeed on your goal.

As you can find on our all website our main goal it’s you to become healthier and feel better.

With our personal trainer in London team, we make sure of this.

If you are ready for your session test, you just need to refill the form below. We’ll contact you shortly then.

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