Our prices and packages are simple and clear. Different packages for different needs. We can train our clients from 2 months to 1 year. Note that, it takes about two to three months at least to develop good and new habits.

We are not here to make our prices complex or expensive. They are therefore just below the market while maintaining our ethics, mobility and high-quality service.

PACK 20sessions

60£ per session in UK
70€ per session in France
Nutrition, healthy advice, and great follow-up given

PACK 30sessions

55£ per session in UK
65€ per session in France
Nutrition, healthy advice, and great follow-up given

PACK 40sessions

50£ per session in UK
60€ per session in France
Nutrition, healthy advice, and great follow-up given

Because of the quality of our services prices are fixed and non-negotiable. 

Depending on the length of the pack, each pack will, of course have a duration in time. This will allow you to benefit from better rates while having your results.

These packs are available at Home Personal Training and Outdoor Personal Training. Even Online. All at your convenience. 

Why these packs?

You may be wondering why our packs start at 20 sessions?

This is simply because we believe in consistency as our values indicate once again.

This is how people got results which will last. 


before after pics

It is the fact of being constant that makes you change and that makes you achieve the expected results.

All our customers have had very good results because they have not done one session here, one session there. They have been consistent in following their sessions 1 to 4x per week for a period of time. We set goals and a number of sessions with them so that they could achieve what they wanted.

If you want to change, lose weight, gain muscle mass or just feel better, you need to be consistent. It is the repetition that will make you evolve, and the fact of being assiduous. By having a program in hand with a personal trainer and a team that take care of you, you will have every chance of achieving your goal

Method of payments:

Knowing that this remains a cost, we do not ask our customers to pay their pack at once, of course. We arrange them by charging them a monthly fee for the duration of their contract. This makes it easier for them and us.

Payment is always the annoying thing, unfortunately, if we want to continue to help more people with continuing to believe in our vision. We need to be able to maintain our high-quality services while charging you rates that are convenient for you and us. So we do it in the simplest way to make it easier for everyone.

It is the results that matter most. Personal training or sports coaching remains an investment. A long-term investment that will make you feel better for the rest of your life.

This investment in yourself is part of how you get these results and why you need a personal trainer.

Personal trainers in Nice team Pret-a-Train

The Trial Session:

We’d like to offer everyone a trial session so that everyone understands the benefits of having us at your side. However, because someone from our team travels to you, takes the time to get to know you and invest in you, we charge only £20 in the UK and 30€ in France for this trial session.

As explained on our main page, this test session allows us to show you how we train and operate. This test session lasts a hour and after that, you have a conversation with our Master trainer to find out what would be best for you. This will allow us to schedule future sessions and start the program toward a new you.

Are You Ready to Train ?

So, now the question you have to ask yourself is: are you Pret-a-Train, are you ready to take the step to become better, achieve your goals, and feel better with yourself?

So take the time to fill out this form so that we can get in touch with you and find the right solution to help you achieve your goals.

We think it’s time to take care of yourself!