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Pret-a-Train offers great online personal training !

We monitored your nutrition, keep you motivated to stay healthy. By giving you workout and a great bespoke follow-up program you’ll reach your goals from skype or zoom online personal training sessions! 

We are a group of experts in personal training and wellness, specialised in weight loss, muscle building, back problems and other chronic pain. Our strength is the communication and the follow-up that we offer to our customers.

Our goal is to give you PT training 1-1 and nutritional monitoring to achieve your goals at your convenience!

With our online Personal training you receive everything you need from wherever you are!

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A whole team making you Fit and Healthy

Our online personal training is convenient, pro and reliable. The plus is that we give you the results you want to achieve. We strongly believe in what we do. As our values indicate it’s really important for us for you to like what you do. You’re going to work hard with us for sure but you will have fun and get results which lasts! 

How does it work?

Step by step



Trial session with stretching
A short trial session from skype with no commitment at a very low price to make you discover the way we work. Enter into our Online PT session and have fun!



Little conversation around a cup of tea or coffee with our online Personal Trainer
This is to know you better, target your goals. Then we decide what we are going to do together to make you better!



Program in the hands, ready to work
We’ve decided about the goals, we’ve scheduled the sessions. Let’s do this, and start the good work with our high standard online personal training!

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Best seller package

Pack 10

Try us for 10 sessions for not long commitment which can allow you to reach your goals quickly. 

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£40/ session 

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Pack 20

Get 20 sessions and offer yourself a better discount on session. 

Keep the high standard follow up and mentoring Pret-a-Train and reach your goals! 

£35/ session 

Discounted for New clients only

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Our Added Values:

Bespoke follow-up program
Our clients talk often about our bespoke personalised program we offer to them. Of course at Pret a Train, we know that everyone is different. So this is why we offer a bespoke program where we will be taken accountancy and note on what we do, to show you that you progress. Measurement and results are tracked to keep your motivation high. In our online personal training this is very well respected.

The motivation that we give is an important added value that we offer to our clients. As we know it’s not easy for anyone to keep up a high motivation. We make sure to talk to you and understand yourself to share our power and motivation with you. By training regularly and seeing your coach each week you’ll be motivated and self disciplined all along.

Knowledge and Well-Being
Our clients mentioned the well being that we share with them. Our knowledge on diverse topic related to the wellness offer to them a complete package which not just doesn’t change their body but also their mind. They get better confidence, more energy and feel better with others, themselves and their environment. Thanks that we talk not just workout, but nutrition, sleep and lifestyle. 

Authenticity and human above all

In Pret-a-Train we strongly believe that having core values is really important to have a healthy life. This is why we’re making sure that all our team members are into this philosophy.

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Our Values

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So, are you ready to change with our Online Personal training?

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