In Pret-a-Train, we have a service of online life coaching to help you in your life. Indeed as from the beginning of our story, we help people in their physical and mental well-being. Pret-a-Train has always been here to improve people with personal training and life coaching.

We can do life coaching in physical if you are based in London, or also online life coaching wherever you are.

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What is an Online Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a professional coach whose aim is to improve individuals. Through continuous training, he/she helps people achieve their goals. These goals can be personal, professional or even athletic.

Like our CEO Romain Gherardi, a life coach specializes in self-development. Moreover, they know about human beings’ behavior to help them in any area of their life. Through the help of a Life Coach, you’ll be able to accomplish your goals according to your capacities and possibilities. Finally, with the help of a Life Coach, you’ll be able to discover and learn about yourself.

A Life Coach, as mentioned in the name, has great knowledge and experiences in life. A Life Coach has, himself or herself, experience between wins and failures in life. Furthermore, a great Life Coach is someone who takes risks to acquire full experience from life.

They tend to meet and be interested in people. Thus, through expertise, he/she is able to help you through your difficulties. Moreover, a Life Coach helps people develop and learn about their personalities. Therefore you can learn how your attitude, feelings, and thoughts can impact your professional and personal sphere. A Life Coach is an all lifelong learner who develops themselves constantly.


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How can online Life Coaching help?

At Pret-a-Train we have a team of certified and qualified Life Coaches. All of our Life Coaches follow a high standard of coaching from our management. Therefore, we make sure our high-quality services are respected and bespoke to your needs.

The Life Coach will help you to redesign your life and find your true self. You’ll be able to cover different aspects of your life: spiritual, emotional, mental, and professional. In addition, at Pret-a-Train, we provide not only an online Life Coach service but also an online personal training service. Consequently, you can get help with your physical appearance. This part of yourself is important in a way that you prioritize your health.

It’s important to keep in mind that a Life Coach is not a psychologist. A Life Coach identifies your potential to help you in your life. Then, they will guide you and advise you on how to achieve your goals. In other words, they’re professionals that help you during a period of change in your life.


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How much does our Online Life Coaching service cost?

First, we do a consultation. This will be an opportunity to talk about how you are, your needs, and your goals. It’ll be an hour session that will cost £50. Then, the following sessions will cost £80 and will last around 90 minutes.

The full cost will depend on your needs. That will be bespoke following the first meeting.

Every session will be online by skype or zoom. This will facilitate communication. Wherever you’re and whenever you need it, you can reach out to your Life Coach with a simple call.


Are you ready to change your life with our Online Life Coaching service?