Maintaining physical activity is essential to ensure better health. Among the most popular exercises, there is running. This activity is particularly beneficial not only for your physical health but also for your mental health. Every part of your body is solicited. Running is one of the best sports to improve cardio but also a great way to boost your metabolism.

Nonetheless, some people have already felt very exhausted after only a few kilometers of running. Or maybe they’ve never succeeded to reach a certain number of kilometers. You may be part of these persons and it’s can turn out to be annoying when trying to enjoy all the benefits of running.

There is one factor to take into account to improve your running and make it successful. Let’s see one easy tip to run longer.


Take your time

The one easy tip to run longer is based on taking your time.

Firstly, the main problem that people encounter through running when they feel quickly exhausted after a few kilometers is when they begin to run too fast. This method isn’t appropriate if you want to run for as many kilometers as possible.

Whether you’re top athlete, marathon runner, or beginner, the key when you begin to run is to take your time and to go slowly. Your body is normally cold, and it needs to be warmed up. Therefore, running slowly can increase your body temperature while awakening our muscles. In this way, you’re preparing your body and all the muscles solicited softly. Moreover, when you believe your body is warmed up enough, you can speed up – if you want to – and thus you can handle and experience the rest of your race better.

It’s great to target 6 or 7 minutes per kilometers for the first km or miles.

Furthermore, several free apps can tackle running such as runtastic and strava. Both are useful to adjust your race and have a rapid view of your improvements to improve your running.

Finally, running slowly means running longer and being able to enjoy in the best way possible your race.

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Running can create some difficulties for some people. Most of these difficulties come often from the beginning of the race. In fact, at this stage, your body is normally cold. When beginning faster, you can make the rest of your race exhausting and make an end to it too quickly.

The key is to follow our easy tip to run longer and so take your time. Therefore, begin to run slowly and gently to make your muscles and your whole body warmed up. You’ll be able to run longer and even make great upgrades!


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