At Pret-a-Train, we have great luxury personal training. Monitored by Master Trainers highly certified and well qualified. Passionated about their job respecting our strong values. They’re also all following a high standard training from our management team to make sure that our quality of services suits our standards and your needs. 

What is luxury personal training:

The luxury personal training as its name mention in it is our type of gold standard personal training given by Master trainers with loads of experiences. It includes many different advantages that you can’t find in our standard personal training. It’s mostly reserved and privileged by busy hardworking CEOs or high position man and woman.

With all the many advantages, this type of personal training helped the best to reach your goals and take care of the daily stress that your position can bare with.

Pret-a-Train thought about you to implement all we can to make you feel better and healthier despite your busy schedule. One of the great advantages that you can find below is the flexibility that our luxury clients love.

As with your job you are not sure when to have your session, you can just contact us within 2 hours to get your session where you are in London. Your Master trainer will come to you in no time to give you your workout.

You can find the other advantages below.

Main advantages of luxury personal training:

Book your PT just 2 hours in advances from 5 am to Midnight.
Take your PT with you when you are on a Business trip or on Holiday.

Get an excellent, knowledgeable Master Trainer. Our luxury Master trainer worked with CEOs and businessman and woman.

Sessions à la carte:
Book just one session from £100 where you are just 2 hours in advance, no matter when.

Best Guidance:
The best following ever for maximum result, have physical test up-to-date, and best challenge for spartan or marathon or any race that you want to embark on.

Get advice on relooking (It’s good to take care of your shape but what about your look!).

Get your goodies and your gifts for your birthday or your birthday’s family. Cap, bottle, t-shirt, bag. Reclaim your pack with your luxury personal training.

Get all the materials that you like at your place, offer in your pack, which can be used by your personal trainer during your PT sessions.

Business trip or holiday: 
Possibility to have your luxury personal trainer coming with you on a business trip or on holiday. That’s what we offer as well in our luxury personal training. Great assistance, get fit and healthy wherever you are.

luxury personal training Pret-a-Train

How can I get my luxury personal training?

To have your luxury personal training, you just need to give us a call or email us and give a bit of detail about yourself, your goals and how we can help. 

We’ll make sure that we match one of our best Master Trainer according to your demands. 

So, what are you waiting for? 
Refill the form and ask for your trial session!