A lot of people ask themselves if it’s normal to pee 7 times a day or more? If it’s your case, do you have the impression that you pee more often than other people?

You might ask yourself if it’s healthy or if you have trouble or something. But first, don’t worry, you are actually not alone to rush many times a day into the toilet.

It actually can be linked to stress or different things happening in your body.

You can also ask yourself if peeing so often is harmful. Unfortunately, yes, it could lead to some health problems and that could be the reason why you go too often in the toilet. And cannot retain yourself for long. But no stress. At the end of this article, you will find some solutions to resolve these issues.

Now let’s begin to enter in “the toilet” of the problem: pee 7 times a day toilets

The relation between your health and the frequency you urinate

It’s normal if you pee between 4 to 10 times a day as it’s the case for healthy people. So, on a normal day, you will go to the toilet 6 or 7 times approximately but if it’s a bit more or less, it doesn’t really matter.

So, it’s considered healthy to pee 7 times a day on average.

Experts recommend drinking 2 liters of water a day, so if you drink more it’s normal that you pee more as well, and vice versa.

The frequency you go to the toilet also depends on different factors like:

  • What you drink and how much in a day
  • Your age
  • The bladder size
  • Your medical conditions and medication is taken if it’s the case

Then, if you are pregnant or you were, it’s normal to pee more than 7 times because of fluid changes due to the ‘fetus’ growing.

If you want to know more about this fact, click here.

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Health problems that can make you pee more

Nonetheless, if you have pain in your bladder before or when you’re peeing it, unfortunately, could be due to some health issues.

It exists different medical conditions that can affect how much you pee and how you feel when you’re doing it.

For men, it could be possible to have an enlargement of the prostate. When you go to the toilet, you won’t release all of the urine because of the enlargement and you can’t fully empty your bladder.

Plus, there is a medical condition which is called UTIs (urinary tract infection). This is a kind of kidney infection which can irritate you before or when you pee. It exists also other reasons that could affect you and also make you pee more often. However, it’s more common in women and it can be due to many things as well. Thus, doctors and other medical experts could be the best persons to help you at this point.

Nonetheless, if you have a blood illness like diabetes, hyper or hypocalcemia, or also a sickle cell anemia, it’s normal that you go more to toilets.

You certainly have been prescribed some medications (diuretics) to help your kidneys to produce more urine. Medical experts give these medications for these illnesses practically all the time. These medications tend to pull extra fluid out of the blood and make you urinate more.

So, in that case, it could be healthy and normal to pee 7 times a day or more because of the action of the diuretics.

Green tea, coffee can have the same effect that the pills as there are natural diuretics.

In a quick note, the sugar contained in drinks and alcohol could also make you pee more as it can actually nourish the bacteria of the UTI. This one will make the UTI stronger which can annoy yourself a lot then.

So now you know why you have to stop often the conversation in the pub or in the cafe to rush toward the toilet. Read –> 5 ways to prevent hangovers

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Ask help to less urinate in your days

Firstly, if you have a UTI or you think that you have one, you should talk to a doctor who is going to give you good medications. Especially if it’s painful and has lasted for sometimes.

When you have other problems like discolored urine, blood, or anything unusual and you think it isn’t normal you need to talk with a medical core as well.

And finally, if you pee a lot without understanding why, we advise you to talk about this problem to a doctor too. You should talk to him as well if you don’t pee a lot or not enough.

After consulting, you will have a treatment that will modify your frequency to go to the toilets hopefully. That could make your life healthier.

Advices to have a healthier urinary tract and bladder

If you have no time and want to feel released from now, we could give you some advices to be healthier at this point. It can help you to have a healthier urinary tract and feel better when doing the act.

So, if you feel some irritations, here are some advices to help you to reduce them:

  • As always, drinking enough water is the key
  • Try to reduce alcohol, coffee, sodas or sugary drinks
  • Try to not wear too much tight-fitting jeans and pants
  • You could get some probiotics that will help to fight UTIs
  • Try to put underwear in cotton

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As you can see, it could be actually totally healthy to pee 7 times or more in your day. The frequency you go to the toilet will depend on some criteria and if you pee a little bit more, it isn’t serious.

However, if you feel pain or some irritation, you could look for some advices from a medical core.

Make sure you drink enough water and try to reduce the amount of bad stuff, that will help you to feel healthy and so could help you to feel better in your bladder.

Eat, drink, breathe, and pee well.

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