Do you know that being rested is essential for your body and your muscles when you practice sport? This notion may seem strange if you hear it for the first time, but it’s something very logical that we will explain to you.

So on this post, we’ll speak about one of the three most important things to do in sport. Beside of eating well and exercises, the importance of being rested after sport and why.


Why being rested after sport is important?

To be sufficiently rested, the body needs sleep. Sleeping is obviously something essential for all of us. Indeed, it allows the body (which include nervous, skeletal, immune and muscular systems) the time to repair itself and the brain to rest. It’s a mandatory step of our life.

Different studies showed that we need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep to be enough rested.

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Okay, but what is its interest after sport?

This actually quite very simple and the answer hold in a single word: recovery. Indeed, being rested help you in 2 essentials categories. Protecting and strengthen your mental health. And promoting a good muscles recovery. Let’s talk of this 2 essential categories of the importance of being rested after sport. 


Mental health:

Lot of people who do exercising wants to have everything and right away. For this purpose, they don’t hesitate to train or workout every day. It might be your case?

Problem, it’s hard for your mental and your body to cope with this huge demand. Indeed, it can cause a lot of stress and a beginning of lack of motivation. This can be logical due to effort you make which can cause fatigue and can follow with no results that you might expect.

One other reason of negative mental health is that you make personal sacrifice in your own life because of over-training. For instance, some people stay very focus in sport and are depriving themselves of all benefits of what life can bring. 

Moreover, know that if you’re training yourself with stress or backwards, it could be a negative session for your body and even a regression of your progress.

Like we said, all this can cause demotivation. 

This is why it’s very important to rest enough after your sport, activity or session. To be relaxed, chill and mentally ready to have the great next session. Thus, we recommend you therefore some rest and enough sleep to maximise performance and have an easier daily life.

Above all, don’t forget that doing sport must be an activity which makes you happy. You have to enjoy your sport session. Yes, it will be harder one day than others, that’s for sure. But keep going, be brave and you’ll reach your goals.

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Muscles recovery:

You should already know it. A proper rest allows the body to recover. Indeed, exercising is hard for your muscles because they destroy several fibres inside, especially with a high intensity in your training.

After a hard workout, it’s likely unadvised to work the same muscle the following day due to the need of it. If it hasn’t recovered enough, you could have an injury such as contracture or even worst. You could even have a regression in your current training because of over-training.

To avoid it, studies recommend that a muscle groups need between 48 to 72 hours to recuperate and repair themselves properly after strength training workouts, depending on the activity of the workout.

You can however train another muscle the following day if you really want to do exercises this time. That’s why many people do one group of muscle one day after the other. It can be good for the muscle, but might be no good for your mental health as seen in the first category.

Muscles needs therefore to recover in order to progress and reach your sportive goals. You can also recover with several tips such as cold-water therapy, massage or healthy meal.

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Like we said, it’s essential of being rested after sport, workout, session or any sport activity.

So if you want to be fit and healthy, after eating well and exercising. you now know the importance of being rested after sport. Of course never to drink enough water as well. It helps you to rehydrate and recover.

Be chill and relax but productive at your exercises. With this ideal, you’ll get a little closer day after day from your healthy goal. Good luck, you’re in the right way!



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