You might start working out? Or you might have to hit a plateau and you don’t make any progress?

You are tired and you want to have effective results. So this article has been made for you.

I want to answer how to progress your workout for you. As a manager and personal trainer at Pret-a-Train, I might have good useful tips for you. So I think about a few which you have to really considered to make progress on your workout.

Let’s sit and talk then go back to your workout.


Define your goals

The first tip to progress your workout sounds obvious nonetheless many people start a program without having clear goals in mind. So you have to know what you’re going to work out for weight loss, building muscle, or improves your flexibility.

Defining your goals will help you to know how to train and how to eat according to your goals. Cause if you for instance working out for weight loss you’ll target less weight but many reps have maybe more endurance in your training.

If you work to build muscle you might use more weight, dumbbells, and stuff. That will be the same for what you have or need to eat. Of course, if you look for building muscle then you have to consider eating fat and protein enough. Working on muscle tension breakdown. Have more rest. If you want to be more flexible you’ll incorporate obviously more stretching. And relax. So be clear with your goals.

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Note everything 

Then you need to track your workout. So note your Reps, set, and feeling. Doesn’t take too long to take accountancy of what you do. It should be easy and simple like this. Depends on what you prefer as long as it’s good for you. You can also track your max like how much time you can do a plank for. Or how many push-ups you do max, then redo your max at some point. Be smart. Track things up.

Here is an example of a bit of my workout note: 

progress workout note

I do bodyweight so I worked mostly on reps, sets, and rest that’s why I make sure all these 3 are well noted. For you, if you go to the gym and use weight write the weight and make constant progress every week if you can.

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Constant progress

Another important tip is to make constant progress because you note and keep track of everything you do. Then you will be able to know how many you can do so you can do one more set, get less rest, do a few more reps or add weight. For instance, if on Monday you did bench press pushing 55kg to try to go for 60 on next Monday note your reps target for instance 5 sets on 8 reps. If you do for instance only 6 reps on the last one redo it next week on Monday and see if now you can do those 5 sets of 8 reps if yes then progress and add some weight again.


Change if you hit a plateau

At some point, you might have no progression anymore. That’s what we call hitting a plateau. So the best way will be to try

Y different exercise that you never or don’t do often as this you might work on different muscles which will make you stronger on different parts. Then try coming back to your favorite exercise. Sometimes it will work if not. Have a week off. Sometimes the body needs to forget to come back better. As rest is important you could focus on something different in your life. Might be also that you need to eat a bit more. Again check your note you can also track your weight and progress with measurement.

Buy some elastic bands, try something different and have fun. It’s important to keep motivated and sometimes you do good by progressing but your mind gets bored so your body does too. So change things up, have fun then come back when you feel ready.


Eat accordingly to your goals and effort

So there is a big mistake that many people make that cause that they can’t make any progress in their workout training. So they don’t have results and then they give up.

So don’t give up but eat according to your need. If you don’t know what to do maybe get advice from an expert in the domain, nutritionist, pt, or others.

You also have a good app where you can put your goals and that they can track your calories according to your goals like my fitness pal.

It’s happening a lot in tall skinny guys that they don’t eat enough. They overestimated what they eat, but actually, if you are a tall guy and you want to put on mass, make sure you eat enough.

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Face difficulty

Don’t stop when the sets start to be hard, go a bit away from your comfort zone. Do that one or two more reps. Just make sure you are doing it in the right form. 

Don’t give up when it’s going too though. You can be tired, so you might need rest. You can be bored so you might need some change. But to have results on your workout, it’s like everything in life, you have to be consistent. I’d like to emphasize this in the next point.


Be perseverant

Every successful person has at least one common trait that everybody can agree on. They are perseverant. They don’t stop when it gets hard. One main thing is to be consistent as consistency is important and can change your life over time as I explained in this article below. 

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Warm-up and stretch

Please don’t sneak on that. Too many do the fault to don’t do then they can get injured and what’s occurred is that you can’t train and how to progress if you can do anything after. That’s why you have to respect the last one as well. 

Also, warm up well prepare your body for the effort. Stretching increases your flexibility so you can develop better healthy muscles.

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Have some rest day

Many people over motivated have the tendency to want to overtrain and not allowing any rest. Rest had been proved to actually make growth on your muscle. It’s actually when you rest that your muscle grow. 

Having rest is also good for your mind. Cause when you think you are doing one muscle and the other is resting the mind is actually never resting and you push it. So please get rested to keep continuing on your effort.

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Get help

If you successfully follow these tips you might get good progress on your workout. However, if you are a beginner and you don’t know where to start or you don’t see any results it might be good to have help from an expert.

The important thing it’s of course to do not get injured. That’s a core thing, cause that can cause short and long-term pain which can make your results and your motivation off. So you can have a friend which does working out for a long time, ask him for advice or better go training with him.

You can also get help from a personal trainer. For instance, we have a great online personal training service to help you wherever you are. There are actually many reasons to have a personal trainer.


Progress in your workout now

So you got the theory to have workout progress. Then you need to put it into practice, so plan your workout, define your goals and go for it.

I wish you luck. It’s good to work out. It keeps you fit and healthy.



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