As COVID 19 has come to disrupt our daily lives, some are wondering how to live a healthy lifestyle after 2020. Indeed, given the context, it’s easy to let oneself go. In terms of mental health, the population is impacted, very closely. People are prone to depression, some have sleep disorders, and become anxious. In short, COVID 19 has consequences for their physical and mental health. However, you don’t need to worry. In this article, we will explain to you, how to live a healthy lifestyle after 2020.


Setting goals

First of all, set goals. It is difficult to aim for something if you do not have a goal. This will allow you to have a goal to reach, but also to select and prioritize the things and tasks you consider most important.

These goals can be categorized into different domains. For instance, you can set goals for your work, sports routine, diet, or personal development goal.

What you can do is buy yourself a little notebook, and make yourself a to-do list, once each step has been completed check it off or underline it. You can also do these in the notebook of your phone. You will see that writing down your goals will push you to action, instead of telling you verbally. As they say, what is written stays, what is oral flies away. This method will help you reach your goal on how to live a healthy lifestyle after 2020 faster.


A healthy lifestyle with a sports routine

With gyms being closed, many of us are losing our motivation. It is not easy to motivate yourself to get back to physical activity. However, it is at these times that new opportunities should be explored.

In your notebook, you can set sports goals to motivate yourself. Writing down our routine is relevant because then we can’t forget to do everything. 

The more you check off the exercises in your routine, the more proud you will be of yourself. It will also encourage you to finish checking off all your goals for the day. You can set goals to be accomplished monthly, weekly, or hourly. It’s up to you to determine the best way for you to achieve them. You cal also read our article about the best sports for an overall workout.

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Why should you do sport?


Why should you do sport? Simply because sport will benefit you not only physically but also morally. Sport has many benefits on our state of mind. Subsequently, our state of mind will have an impact on the decisions we make and our attitudes towards a given situation.

In addition, exercising is good for your heart. Our bodies need to exercise in order to stay in shape. Therefore, we should try to be as sedentary as possible. If you are not a sporty person, you can start by walking as it has many virtues. This can be a 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes walk. The more you do, the better it will be.


Sport is good for the body

Physical activity is a way to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Practicing sport will allow you to slim down and firm up. It will also strengthen your bone structure and protect you against osteoporosis.

Our society is obsessed with body image. The #bodygoal, #fitinspiration#fitboy, #fitgirl. Body image is the perception we have of our body, but also the perception we think others think we have. Most people have a fairly negative view of their body image. Moving regularly will make you feel better, let alone change your body if it doesn’t suit you. 

The sport will also be an important element in your self-perception because, as I said earlier, it will have a psychological impact on you and you will feel good about yourself.

Sports will improve your body image. Indeed, you will gain confidence. Feeling good about your body will give you more self-confidence. You will appreciate yourself and have a positive image of yourself and like yourself as you are.


Sport is good for your mental health 

Sport is also a key element for our mental health and our brain. It allows us to remember certain information better. It also improves our attention. Practicing sport allows us to be more focused on our projects, our work. Personally, I often take a sports break between my exams, and I have noticed that after a good sports session I am more concentrated on my lessons, and I assimilate the course more quickly. This allows me to save time when I’m studying.

Sport also encourages us to surpass ourselves, to aim higher and higher. When we reach a goal, we feel proud of ourselves and we want to feel this satisfaction again and again. The more we progress, the more we want to improve. And unconsciously we become better. As a result, we have better self-esteem. After all, the sport has been another great tool for how to live a healthy lifestyle after 2020.

Sport is a good anti-stress

Sport is a tool to cope with stress, anxiety attacks, and depression. Many people are affected by the problems mentioned below.

Sport releases endorphins that make us feel good.  These “happy hormones” as they are called are secreted by our brain. They usually appear 30 to 40 minutes after an effort. They act against pain and put us in a state of euphoria and relaxation. These happy hormones also help us to excel in our performance. They can also make us addicted to the sport because we are always looking for more and more sensation. We want to feel more and more pleasure.

Along with your sport’s routine, you can implement some foods to your diets that are considered anti-stress foods. That way, you’d have all the tools to be stress-free after your workout!


Doing sport at home

If you want to build muscle and tone up your body, gyms are not essential. You can work out at home. Exercising at home has many advantages and is a good alternative to gym closures. 

These home exercises will help you tone your legs, arms, buttocks, but also reduce cellulite. The advantage is that you require almost no equipment, you can do bodyweight exercises. If you want to work your legs, you can do the chair. Stand against a wall at a 90-degree angle, have a slight gap between your legs, and keep your back straight, tuck your stomach in. There are many floor exercises that will work your legs.

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Working on cardio at home

If you want to work on your cardio, you can jump rope. Jumping rope is a very complete exercise that will work your body from top to bottom. It has many benefits. Firstly, it works all your muscles at the same time. It allows you to tone your arms, your hamstrings, your quadriceps, your shoulder, your calves… But also your mind, you will be able to go beyond your limits and surpass yourself session after session. 

You will burn calories quickly. 10 minutes of jumping rope at a high speed are equivalent to 30 minutes of running. So why don’t you get started! This can be a great warm-up exercise before any sports session. Jumping rope will wake up all your muscles.

There are many variations to the simple jump. You can do double jumps to vary your rhythm, but also do crossovers, leg hops, rope walks, and so on.

Another advantage of the jump rope is that it doesn’t take up much space and is easy to transport, just like the elastic bands. 


HIIT at home to work up a sweat and improve your cardio

What is HIIT? HIIT is high-intensity interval training.

HIIT is a workout consisting of repeated sets of exercises at high intensity. Between each set, there is a short break to recover and start again. This pause time can vary from one exercise to another. This sport stimulates our metabolism.

The advantage of HIIT is that it will allow you to lose calories in a very short period of time. This can be an alternative for people who do not like endurance sports. In addition, you can optimize your time, so you can do more. 

Another important point is that you will continue to burn calories even after your exercise. The more intense your session, the higher your calorie burn. Caloric burn is the fact that in the resting phase your metabolism is stimulated and continues to burn calories.

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Elastic bands for sports at home

Exercise with elastic bands is the trend in the home sport during confinement. It is also a good exercise to continue a healthy lifestyle after 2020.

Like the jump rope, the benefit of elastic bands is first of all their price, but also the fact that they can be used everywhere, whether indoors or outdoors.

With this equipment, you can work different muscle groups, including your biceps, triceps, brachialis, backs, shoulders, legs, and glutes. You also have a wide range of exercises to perform. You can do exactly the same movements as with dumbbells. 

There are many websites on the internet that sell elastic bands. You can buy a set of rubber bands. The main advantage is that you can exercise with different tensions. You can control the tension of your exercises.

Unlike dumbbells or bodyweight exercises, with elastics, you manage your tension during the exercise. The more you pull, the higher the tension is, the less you pull, the lower the tension is.

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Discover the street workout

In 2021 you can try the street workout. But what is the street workout?

Street workout is a sport that consists of bodyweight exercises, most of the time performed in the street. There are specific areas dedicated to street workouts. With the good weather coming, street workouts can be your sports ally. For people who don’t like to train indoors, this could be a solution for you.

The great thing about the street workouts is that the street is your playground. You can take advantage of all the elements around you. Whether it’s against a tree, a bench, a wall…

Another advantage is that it costs you nothing, everything you have is provided by nature or the street.

So you can sculpt your body at your own pace, according to your abilities. That’s why street workout is for a large number of people.

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Improvement margin is high in street workout

Your improvement margin is high in the street workout you can always do better than the day, the week, the month, the year before. Indeed you can try all sorts of figures, and go towards complex postures.

In the beginning, it may seem difficult, but you will see your progress little by little and you will be proud of yourself.

The street workout will increase your muscle mass, but you will also be more agile, flexible, and have a significant gain in strength.

In short, the street workout is a complete sport based on bodyweight exercises.


Working out with an online personal trainer

If you don’t think you can motivate yourself, there are solutions. Given the health context, online personal training is a very good alternative. Distance coaching has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and confinement has accentuated this growth. 

There are many companies that offer this in their program. You can arrange a meeting with your online coach to plan your sessions. Online personal training can be done either by video conference or by phone.

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Advantages of using an online personal trainer

We do not all have the same internal clock. Therefore, you can schedule your sports sessions with your online coach at the times that suit you best. This could be early in the morning before going to work, or while your children are at school, but also during your break at work. This is how to live a healthy lifestyle after 2020, by organizing your schedule and adding time for everything.


An online coach to save time

This will save you time because you don’t need to go anywhere, you just need to switch on your phone or computer.

It is important to know that we are focusing on pure and simple personalization. The coach will create a program that is specific to you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

You will find a coach who will satisfy all your needs.


Online personal trainer as a solution for a healthy lifestyle after 2020

Online personal training is therefore one of the solutions of how to live a healthy lifestyle and be healthy after 2020. He will guide you in your desire to reach your maximum potential. 

Coaching can be offered at the organizations’ offices or online, depending on the most effective way to conduct the meetings. What is convenient is that having an online coach allows you to work out at any location that suits you.

Have a Look at our Online personal training service if needed. If not keep reading as diet is an import part to be healthier.

A healthy lifestyle with a well-balanced diet 

How to live a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy after 2020 is also about what you eat on your plate. In addition to sport, diet plays an equally important role in a healthy lifestyle. Eating well has many benefits for the whole of our body but also for our mind. 

Good nutrition plays an important role in the functioning of your body. 

Therefore, it is essential to provide it with the necessary energy to feed all your cells.

Nevertheless, there are some foods that should be favored more than others.


Diet basics for a healthy lifestyle after 2020

There are some basics to follow in nutrition. 

Firstly, you need to set times to eat. These times can be divided into several phases.

In general, people allow themselves 3 meals a day at different times. 

This is not a golden rule. You can divide your meals as you wish. You can also try intermittent fasting. The most important thing is that the rhythm is regular so as not to destabilize your body.


What is a healthy diet?

Eating a balanced diet means providing our body with the necessary nutrients. This means providing the right carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

The elements to be favored in a diet are fruit and vegetables, dairy products, legumes, meat (preferably white meat). But also fats and sugar. 


Importance of fats

Fats are essential to our body, they are the fuel for our brain and muscle activity.

Their essential role in the production of the messenger molecules that are hormones. They are chemical mediators, which are essential to the good functioning of our nervous system.

Our brain is essentially composed of fat. However, it should not be supplied with just any kind of fat. We must avoid saturated fats and consume quality fats so that it develops optimally and remains in good shape.

In addition, you will find that eating good fat has many benefits for your body.


Importance of sugar

Like fat, sugar is essential for the proper functioning of our system.

But be careful, there is sugar and sugar. Our body needs glucose.

Glucose is a sugar that is stored in our body in the form of glycogen. It is available to our bodies throughout the day. It is a source of energy for our bodies. A hormone, insulin, is responsible for maintaining a constant level of glucose in the blood. Glucose is useful for all the cells in our body.


Simple and complex sugar

There are simple sugars and complex sugars. Simple sugars provide our body with energy quickly during intense activity, for example, fruit, while complex sugars provide energy throughout the day, such as starchy foods (pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.). 

Nevertheless, sugar should be consumed in moderation. There are many alternatives to sugar to reduce your sugar consumption.


Staying well hydrated

What you drink is also part of our guide on how to live a healthy lifestyle after 2020. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Some drinks are more hydrating than others.

Drink yes, but not in any way. You should avoid drinking as much alcohol as possible. This does not mean eliminating it but reducing your alcohol consumption.

However, some alcohols have fewer calories than others. You can therefore try to consume those that are less calorific. Nevertheless, always drink in moderation of course.

A variety of tastes

If you want to vary and drink something other than water to change the taste. You can for example add lemon to your water, lemon has many benefits for your body

Then you can also drink tea, which also has a lot of benefits, and can be maybe an alternative to coffee if you want to reduce your consumption.

Our body is made up of 75% water, so it is vital to keep yourself as hydrated as possible. Drink water every day.


A healthy diet can improve and maintain good brain activity

Keeping our brains healthy requires not only a sport but also a healthy diet.

Indeed, the health of our brain also depends on the composition of our dishes. This diet will help to improve our ability to assimilate and certain intellectual functions.

What are the reasons for this?  First of all, because the communication molecules between our different neurons are formed by certain vitamins. These vitamins are found in some of our foods. These neurotransmitters must therefore be well supplied so that they can do their job properly.

A well-fed brain will help you to be more productive, memorize information more easily, but will also fight against memory loss and fatigue. Finally, a well-fed brain will also allow you to optimize the quality of your sleep.


A healthy lifestyle can improve our sleep

You will be less stressed and manage your mood better. This will also have an impact on your external interaction. You will be more open to communicating, less unpleasant.

Your nutrition will indeed have an impact on your sleep. There are foods that help you fall asleep. A balanced but light meal in the evening will facilitate your transit and your body will digest its food more easily.

In the evening, try to eat light meals such as sliced chicken or light fish.

Vegetables will of course always be a good option and you can eat them without moderation. Nonetheless, reducing the number of starchy foods you eat, but without eliminating them. Starchy foods require a lot of effort from your stomach to digest. This is why it’s best to reduce your intake before going to sleep.

If you want to optimize your sleep quality, turning off your digital devices is also a good option. You will get a double benefit between healthy eating and digital detoxification.


A healthy lifestyle can improve the quality of our skin

Our skin is permanently exposed to environmental conditions, such as pollution or the cold. To protect our skin from this, we can be aware of what we eat and incorporate foods that will enable us to highlight the potential of our skin.

There are healthy foods that will help you improve the quality of your skin. These include carrots, broccoli, papaya, oranges…

Some help protect your skin from the sun, others help reduce acne by limiting sebum production and helping to regenerate your cells.


A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of certain diseases

A healthy diet can prevent certain risks of disease. It helps to combat obesity.

Cardiovascular disease can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle. 

Eating a healthy diet will allow your heart to function efficiently, your blood pressure will be reduced. Moreover, you will have better control over your weight.

In addition, your glycemia will be balanced. A healthy diet can therefore reduce the risk of diabetes.

By having a healthy eating routine, you will protect your body from external elements that can be a threat to your physical and mental health. 

It plays an undoubted role in reducing illness and maintaining good health. 



In conclusion, you now have all the cards in your hand on how to live a healthy lifestyle after 2020. 

The most important thing is to have a healthy eating habit, combined with a healthy sports routine.

If you want to learn more about nutrition, I suggest you take a look at our nutrition guide. You can also find ideas on healthy snacks that you can eat during the day or ideas on healthy breakfasts and healthy meals.

Personal trainers are there to help you achieve your goals if you are confused about where and how to start. They are here to help you and change your lifestyle step by step according to your desires.

Come on, let’s adopt a healthy lifestlyle, 2021 is on the way!


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