It’s well known that sport has many health benefits: it keeps you fit and shapes your body. It’s also a fabulous way to sharpen your mind and prove that you are much stronger than you think. In fact, by trying to reach your goals and surpassing yourself to get there, you can sometimes impress yourself. It’s an excellent way to gain self-confidence, in addition to building a nice figure and building muscles. 

For those who lack the motivation to do sport, find out how it nurtures your self-confidence and helps you to reveal yourself.


Sports effort reveal our capabilities

Numerous positive psychology studies have shown that sport and self-confidence are linked: regular exercise breaks down mental resistance, soothes the soul and helps you to feel better about yourself and your shoes.

Indeed, self-confidence will grow and mature naturally as you progress in the sport. Every training session, every step you take is a small victory, a satisfaction that helps you become aware of your abilities. The sport will thus help you to reveal the best of yourself, to develop your physical and mental qualities and will inflate the thermometer of your self-confidence.

Finally, the learning of a discipline as well as the efforts made make you stronger, more confident in your sporting practice. The results are also reflected on a daily basis in your way of being and interacting with others. This confidence emboldens you and makes you want to be daring and enterprising. More serene and aware of your abilities, you feel like moving mountains. Full of ambition, energy and daring, you are moving forward in the realization of your personal and professional projects and you are fulfilling and revealing yourself.


Physical activity improves your mind

When you do sport, you set goals and fight to achieve them. At each session, you try to meet the challenges you have set yourself. You will fight and give your best so that you don’t disappoint yourself and to prove to yourself that you are much stronger than you think you are. In fact, when the body thinks that it is at its maximum and approaching its limits, the mind takes over the reins and allows it to surpass itself beyond its expectations. 

Every day you become better than the day before by working your mind and improving your abilities. Have you ever felt the satisfaction of increasing your weight from one session to the next? Or also when you couldn’t do 5 push-ups when you first started, but now you do 10? When you realise that you’re getting better, you inevitably gain self-confidence. Self-confidence and sport thus help to develop and maintain mental strength.


The best sports to boost your self-confidence

The most important thing in order to have fun in your activity and to gain more self-confidence is to find the sport that suits you. It is easier to give our best when we practice an exciting activity.

Boxing, for example, and more generally combat sports, allow us to develop our muscles, breathing and reflexes. We feel that we have more control over our body and it becomes an ally instead of a weight. Moreover, facing opponents in the ring gives you self-confidence. Because after having experienced this, and even more so after defeating your opponent, you feel more powerful. Moreover, combat sports can be useful in everyday life and will make you feel less vulnerable.

There are tons of fighting sports and also martial arts that you can practice at any age: kickboxing, judo, karate and many more.

Team sports are also a good way to gain self-confidence. Indeed, if you are by nature rather shy and uncomfortable with social contact, it is an excellent way to force yourself to solicit others. Especially for teenagers because they will be part of a group and make friends.

If you want a softer activity for the body, you can practise yoga. This activity will allow you to really relax and feel good about yourself. On top of that, it will allow you to reconnect with yourself and become fully aware of your body. And if you feel good and relaxed then you feel more confident. You will also develop your flexibility and agility. This will give you more control over your body.


Other activities that restore self-confidence

The sport will be a good way to gain more confidence. But it is not the only activity to gain self-confidence. For example, if you are afraid to speak in public, the sport will have a limited impact.

Theatre can be a great help in this respect. You will learn to project your voice, to be clear and audible, and to bring out your emotions. You will also learn to move around on stage and to use gestures.

Body language can also be developed through dance. The dance will allow you to have better contact with yourself, and to acquire more presence and charisma. If you are afraid of male-female contact, then dance with a partner such as salsa will help you. In addition, there are often organised evenings where you can meet people.

Finally, if you want to express yourself but are too shy to do so in public, such as theatre or dance, which requires you to express yourself in front of others, music can be an alternative. Get a guitar, or sing at home, alone with the help of a song found on the Internet, and let yourself go: you will feel freer afterward.



There are many ways to gain self-confidence. Sport, as mentioned above, is one of them. Indeed, by setting yourself goals, by evolving over the sessions, you will feel more powerful. But this is not the only way to regain confidence: you can complement it with another activity, such as theatre, for example, to really free up your energy. 


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