Don’t you have time to go to the gym or follow daily schedules? Or simply after registering at a gym, you no longer have the motivation to go there out of laziness? Bring sport to you and call on an online personal trainer! He’ll accompany you in achieving your goals. Throughout your personal program adapted to your level and your objectives, an online personal coach may be the right solution for you. 

If you’re wondering how to find the right online coach, you’ve come to the right places. But first of all, let’s see the main benefits of an online personal trainer.

What are the benefits of an online personal trainer?

An online personal trainer has the same advantages as a face-to-face coach: he’ll animate your sessions and find the exercises adapted to you, your level and your objectives as well as set a program so that you know which exercises to do even without his presence. He’ll also help you to adopt the right postures to avoid injuring yourself. Finally, he’ll guide you in your diet, so that you don’t waste all your strength-training efforts. All this from your home, where you want and when you want! 

If you wish to learn more about the main benefits of an online personal trainer, here there is an article especially dealing with it. Let’s see now the different steps to find the perfect online personal trainer for you.

Find your criteria

To begin with, it’s very important, even primordial, to define all your wishes and objectives in order to select your search criteria. This is an important step that will determine your online searches and find the right personal trainer. Perhaps you would like to strengthen your body and combine a diet to facilitate your transformation? In this case, your search will turn to a trainer who has experience in bodybuilding but also in nutrition.

There’s also a coach for any type of sport and willingness. If, for example, you like boxing or yoga, you can find what you are looking for in a personal trainer specialized in the field of your choice. There are also specific fitness trainers for everybody and morphology. For example, for pregnant women who want to be physically active during their pregnancy, or who want to get back into shape after their pregnancy. There are also trainers who will help you to get back into shape if you are overweight. The key is to find the right expert and qualified coach.

Indeed, it’s recommended to choose a certified personal trainer who has the skills and qualifications to advise. Weight training is a sporting activity that requires knowledge, particularly to avoid the risk of injury. It’s therefore best to be accompanied by a real expert who will be attentive to your posture, the way in which you perform the exercise, etc.

How can I find the perfect personal trainer? 

First of all, there are platforms that put personal trainers in touch with individuals according to chosen criteria. Thus, we can have all kinds of sports coaches, from the most specialized to the most generalist, to help us progress from home. This can be useful for people who are unfamiliar with the matter and wish to have a good personal trainer who is competent in his subject. 

Secondly, the most practical way of doing this is through personal training companies. As online personal training is becoming the new way to train, many of them offer it: just send them a message and they will be able to respond to your request. For example, Pret a train offers sessions of this kind, and you can find this service directly on its website.

Finally, some personal trainers create accounts on Facebook or Instagram to promote their services. Research on social networks is also interesting because there are usually opinions in the comments that give a small idea of the trainer’s work. In addition, social networks allow you to broadcast content instantaneously, which means that you may be able to see video content or advice published by trainers on their accounts. You can then see whether or not it’s suitable for you.

How do I choose my own personal trainer?

Once the criteria have been entered, once you know what kind of sports sessions you want to do and what kind of online personal trainer you need, once you have found companies on the internet, you still have to choose THE trainer. And believe me, this is not the most obvious one. Indeed, the range of trainers on the market is impressive, but not all of them are serious. So you have to sort through them to find the one who will be able to help you reach your goals. Whether it’s a fitness trainer or a trainer from another sector of activity, he or she must meet different criteria.

He must in fact by qualified and have followed a specific coaching training course. His practice must be supervised, and it’s important that your trainer has experience in the world of fitness. Finally, he must know and respect the code of ethics as well as being professional, so that you can practice your sport in the respect of yourself. 

But in addition to these official aspects that allow him to practice, he must possess certain qualities. For example, your personal trainer must be a trustworthy, honest and reliable person who must be kind to you. Moreover, he is optimistic in order to always bring out the best in you. In fact, for certain it’s a moment of fun and a way to go out of its daily routine, and for other it’s a not so funny fight to regain confidence. Good interpersonal skills and good communication skills are also indispensable assets to help you succeed in your projects. Finally, they must be open-minded so as not to judge you and adapt to your way of thinking.


As you can see, finding the perfect online personal trainer is not as easy as it sounds. Because this time, instead of going to the nearest certified gym, here it’s all about finding a reliable and trustworthy trainer behind the screen. But by taking the time to find out what you need and what services are available, you too will find happiness with the person who will help you achieve your goals.

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