You see these doughnuts up there. Don’t look at them. Read the article instead.


Would you be good if you could eat healthily and avoid sugar?

Are you asking yourself why some people are fit and healthy and why some are not?

My guess for you is healthy people are just unsociable and when someone asks them to go for a beer and eat some nachos with a nice pizza. They just say: « No, I’m good I have everything at home. But thank you for the invitation ».

I’m just kidding, even if it can be part of true, however, I love eating pizza and drink beers with my friends and I could do that once or even twice in a week, but maybe no more than that. Nevertheless, there is nothing to do about if you eat nachos or not. The difference is healthy people made healthy habits for themselves that came from a strategy.

If you know me well you know that there are some simple strategies for everything in life. You can find these on my personal blog.

Like productive people have a strategy to be more productive. Healthy people have a strategy too. These strategies can be transformed into habits that make us become what we are.

You should also know that there are some keys to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

With that said, here is your new strategy to eat healthily and avoid sugar


Be prepared

Do you want the easy quick fix tips as soon as you read now?

Be prepared to eat healthily!

Easy as this. If you are prepared you to do a better job. Like when we were in school and we prepared our exam before doing it. I wasn’t good in class. But I can tell you that I’m good at the kitchen.

So make a time when you can cook some healthy food and prepare your healthy Tupperware once or twice during the week. It doesn’t have to be so long. Don’t cook Jamie Oliver’s food.

If you want to eat healthily and avoid sugar I recommend you to simply cook easy healthy food. Prepare the boxes to bring with you when you go to work.


Do you have some healthy food in your fridge?

One important other thing is to have enough good things in your fridge when you get back home. Like this, if you are really hungry once you’re back from work or during the night you will have your carrots to eat. And that’s great right?

I know it’s not that fancy. You can put some grapes or apples on your table. More fancy, hum?


Healthy breakfast

Finally, prepare your healthy breakfast each night before sleeping or have an easy breakfast to make during your healthy morning routine.

I advise you to have one. Also to do it until it becomes a habit. Then once it becomes a habit, you are on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Woop Woop!

Once again don’t focus on the goal. Have an easy strategy and don’t think about it anymore.

But there is more to come to eat healthily and avoid sugar.


Let them on the shelves

I can hear you closely say in my ears: “What’s that again Romain?”

Ok so let’s make it simple.

When you go shopping for your veggies and healthy food the first thing that you see is the “bad boys”.

What do I mean about the “bad boys”?

The chocolates, candies, and crisps looking at you!!!!

As we said in French: “Ils te font les yeux doux.” Translation: They look at you tenderly.

Groceries have been designed by smart people. Very smart people!!! Scientific and all that. They are all Einsteins.

They have also a strategy for you to buy the bad ones. So they put just in front of us as soon as we enter: « the quick fix ». Once we enter and we see that, if we are hungry our brain tells our body: «  look at what we can have it straight away and it can fill our hunger and we will then feel better!!

But no more than for you as you have a counter-strategy.

So if you want to help yourself, put a cap on your head when you enter in a grocery shop and forget this shelf. Don’t look at it anymore.

If you, unfortunately, come to the shop hungry again, look for a better quick fix, choose an apple or any fruits that you want. That will be so much better for yourself.

Let all the junk and sugary foods on their shelves, focus on the fresh fruit/veggies shelves.


So why some people are fit and why some are not?

It can be simply from the difference in their shelves. What you can find in your furniture and your fridge.

You see when I buy things I just buy healthy stuff.

I never have chocolates in my kitchen. I’m not a fan of chocolate but if I do that for sure I will eat it.

Do you want to know one of my little secrets?

I love crisps and sometimes… Yeah, I do buy some crisps and I make sure I will eat it straight away. Then I buy no more for at least 3 weeks (2 weeks, maybe just 1 week during the freezing season..)!

Of course, if I buy chocolates, they will be in front of my eyes each day that life makes. Even if I’m healthy, as a human being like you with my feelings. My brain knows that it’s good and that can make me happy straight away.

So I avoid having quick bad fixes in my flat.


Final thoughts:

To resume, if you want to eat healthily and avoid sugar, make healthy choices.

Make times during the week. And please don’t say that you don’t have enough time. Do it strategically. Cook simple, easy, and healthy.

Don’t complain and be positive. You will make it!

Prepare your boxes to go to work with and most importantly, don’t buy the bad sugary stuff.

Choose fruits if you are craving sweets.

Implement this strategy, don’t focus on the and goal to be fit. Make this strategy a habit and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

See you on the healthy lifestyle road and never forget…



Romain Gherardi

My name is Romain Gherardi. I'm a wellness coach, blog author, fitness wellbeing expert. Founder and CEO of Pret-a-Train. My goal is for you to be healthy. Let's live in a healthy world with love and harmony.