Have you abused the good stuff and now want to keep an eye on your line? One apple, 50 calories. One soda, 140 calories. One burger, 500 calories. Calories are talked about a lot and for some people, it has even become an obsession. We know that a woman has to eat an average of 2000 calories a day, that running burns calories and CrossFit even more. But for those who would like to watch their figure without doing sport every day, there are also different ways to burn calories through small everyday gestures.

But what exactly are calories? How do you burn them on a daily basis? Let’s find out in this article. 


What is a calorie? 

A calorie is a unit of measurement that indicates the energy contained in food. Usually, on the label of a food, the number of kilocalories (1Kcal = 1000 calories) per 100g is indicated. Calories serve as fuel for the body, which constantly ingests and expends calories throughout the day. At rest alone, the body’s functioning represents 60 to 70% of the total energy expenditure. Digestion, food storage and intestinal absorption account for 10% of the expenditure. The remaining 20-30% goes back to physical activity (from simple movement to the most intense fitness class), the only energy expenditure lever that you really have a handle on (the more you move, the more you spend). 

If the body juggles between calorie intake and energy expenditure in order to function well, it is easy to understand that to maintain your ideal weight, it is all a question of balance between intake and expenditure.

For women between the ages of 20 and 60, we recommend consuming between 1800 and 2200 calories per day. As always, the figure should be adapted on a case-by-case basis. A very sporty person expends more energy than a sedentary person. They, therefore, have higher calorie requirements. The key is not to consume more calories than you spend. 

If you want to learn more about the number of calories in each food, I invite you to click on this link.


  1. The best exercises to burn calories

Skipping rope

A popular activity for children, skipping rope is also an effective sport for burning calories. During a one-hour session, you can eliminate between 680 and 815 calories. The skipping rope is therefore ideal for losing weight, but also for improving your breathing and endurance. The skipping rope, therefore, has considerable advantages! What’s more, this activity is easy to do and inexpensive. On the other hand, it is essential to choose a skipping rope adapted to your size for stress-free practice.


The rower

This is the sport that burns the most calories (around 700) when training indoors! This activity to be practised at the gym and/or at home exercises all the muscle groups: thighs, legs, arms… To work your breathing and stimulate your endurance, rowing is also effective.

In addition, the rower preserves the joints and does not cause any injury, provided that he is well-positioned. Indeed, in case of bad posture, you risk injuring yourself and therefore hurting yourself. This is why it is recommended that you ask a professional for advice on how to position yourself.

If you wish to practice at home, you can equip yourself with a flat rowing machine



A complete and excellent sport for working the whole body, swimming allows you to burn calories and build muscles. In fact, between 540 and 680 calories can be eliminated in an hour while preserving the joints, improving blood circulation, building muscles, and working on breathing. During a swimming session, don’t hesitate to vary the swims (breaststroke, crawl, butterfly…). This will help you avoid a certain monotony. With swimming, you will be able to build up your muscles gently and your joints will not suffer thanks to the water, which means you won’t feel the weight of your body. The water also allows you to make movements without difficulty.

This physical activity, therefore, has significant benefits. In addition to its effects on your health and figure, swimming is ideal for limiting the risk of cellulite, releasing tension and relieving stress. If you want to vary aquatic exercise, sports such as aquabike are effective in burning calories.


    2. The best habits to burn calories

Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to do sports on a daily basis. But fortunately, there are a few little everyday habits that will allow you to burn some anyway. 



It is obvious that walking is the most important and simplest physical activity to use up the calories consumed during the day. And that’s good, there are plenty of opportunities to do it every day! We leave the car at home and walk as much as possible, going to the local bakery for example. The ideal is to walk for half an hour a day. Without the car and public transport, you can get there easily! If you have had no choice but to use public transport, you can take advantage of the situation by standing in the bus or metro, while avoiding, if possible, holding on to the handrails. In this way, we build muscle and train the elasticity and flexibility of our legs. We also practice our reflexes and work on our balance. And the best thing is to get off a few stops beforehand!


Move around by bicycle

In the same vein, for short trips or simply to get some fresh air, we think of the bicycle. This activity is good for your health and your figure. You can go for a ride with your family or with your lover, you can discover places you would never have gone before, you can have a great time. Depending on the pace, it can be between 360 and 500 calories less for an hour of cycling. A fat-burning and eco-friendly gesture! And for those who don’t feel comfortable with this means of transport, an exercise bike will do the trick! In front of its Netflix series, you will do sports without realizing it!


Climbing the stairs

There’s no question of going up and down our stairs at home! Just think about using them most often when the opportunities arise when we are on the move. Do we have to go to the 4th floor of a building? No to the lift, we opt for the stairs! This activity is an excellent way to burn calories and build up your thighs at a lower cost. Yes, if we think about it often, our legs tone up as if we were at a step class! If you want, you can contract your abdominal muscles and walk up and downstairs at a good pace without stopping: you also save on a fitness class!


Doing households chores

Household chores are a fantastic way to burn calories for people who don’t have time for sports. Indeed, it is something that you are obliged to do and is accessible from home. In addition, they burn 200 to 300 calories/hour. Cleaning the floors allows 122 kcal to be relieved in 30 minutes. Not to mention the fact that bending and standing up exercises your muscles!

Do you vacuum around the house? Here’s 150 kcal gone! You take the dog out for half an hour: minus 90 to 122 kcal.

That’s a good way to combine usefulness with pleasure: a clean house with a body that has burned calories.



Burning calories, therefore, involves several processes. Indeed, sport is not the only key to eliminating and losing weight; other lifestyle habits must be adopted for better results. What’s more, these habits are simple to implement on a daily basis. The main thing is to have a good diet on the side so as not to waste all the effort. This way, you now know what to do to burn calories. If you can and want to, don’t hesitate to combine several sports. This way you will avoid monotony and discover another sport activity that is just as effective at burning calories and losing weight!


It’s up to you!

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