Do you want to lose weight, strengthen your body, draw a thin silhouette or even feel better in your body and your mind? In fact, there is a myriad of reasons to get into the sport. But we all know that it represents resolutions much more easily said than done. In fact, when we are on the daily train, it’s hard to find the time as well as to be motivated to do sport. But there is a lot of studies proving that sport has a lot of benefits on health, so don’t give up and keep your commitments! 

So, your desire is there and you’re wondering how to turn that desire into action? Come on, let’s take a look at several ways to be motivated to do sport.


Set goals for yourself

This may sound basic, but it’s the most important thing when you want to be motivate to do sport. Set a goal and stick to it: Lose weight in 4 weeks, lose your saddlebags in 5 weeks, build muscle in 6 weeks… Define your objective and give yourself a deadline, otherwise it’s too easy and the longer you delay the deadline, the less quickly you’ll get into action. This is an essential point to motivate yourself, and will push you to do your sessions to get there. 

On the other hand, be careful to set yourself reasonable objectives for your level. Running a marathon after 15 days of running practice is not an attainable goal for a beginner. On the other hand, running for 20 minutes without stopping is a good goal when you start! In general, always be kind to your body and listen to yourself, because you’re doing that for yourself.


Becoming better for you and not for others

Yes, as said before, you do sport for yourself and for no one else. Indeed, when you do sports, and even more so when you do it indoors, you tend to compare yourself to the muscular guy on the right or the girl with the dream buttock on the left. As a result, instead of motivating yourself, you never feel good enough and you let go. So focus on yourself and your well-being: We give our all FOR US and not to impress others. 

Learn to love and thank yourself. You can say “thank you” at every session. Thank you for taking care of your body, for respecting yourself. Gratitude is a positive emotion that you should not deprive yourself of. Positive emotions encourage and motivate you to stay the course! It’s all about believing. And to believe it, there’s nothing better than loving what you do and having fun exercising.


Choosing the right activity

Zumba, salsa, yoga, boxing… There are a ton of sports activities, all of which have benefits for you. It’s all about finding the ideal activity that will allow you to achieve your goals while having fun at the same time. Beginners or people who find it difficult to be motivated to do sport on their own will preferably opt for group lessons in order to be in a group as well as for the music, the atmosphere and the motivation delivered by the teacher.

Indeed, there are sports activities for all tastes as well as to strengthen all parts of the body. For those who, for example, want to work on cardio, a sport such as swimming can be ideal. If you would like to learn more about this sport, here is an article on the subject. Someone who finds it boring to also run can take up football, so that they can run while having fun and letting off steam. These activities will allow you to develop new senses, such as team spirit in the case of football. In addition, exercise with other people is the best way to be motivated to do sport.


Find a partner and exercise in music!

As said before, playing sports together is also a step towards success. Indeed, it’s a good way to pull yourself up. In addition, you will set yourself a schedule, so you will be forced to go to the gym. We all have someone in our family and friends who also wants to do sport again. Whether it’s to go for a run or to go to the gym, it’s more stimulating to go together. It also allows us to encourage each other and to achieve our goals together.  

In addition to being accompanied, do your sport with music! Many sports can be done to music: running, walking, yoga, swimming… Create your own personal playlist, either energizing or relaxing depending on your needs, which you will enjoy listening to while you practice your activity with your friend. This way, you won’t feel like you’re doing a chore, but rather that you’re having fun! 



After a period of hibernation and gourmet festivities, resuming regular physical activity is one of the main resolutions taken at the beginning of each year. But with our everyday life, it’s not easy to stick to it. So, we have seen that there are plenty of solutions to be motivated to do sport and to make this beautiful activity a pleasure rather than a chore.


Now, no excuse to take up the sport!

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