You certainly know that doing sport has many benefits for your mental and physical health. Nonetheless, you don’t need to join a class or do some workout to feel good in every part of your life. Indeed, to be healthy and fit you need to take care of what you eat, rest well and have active days. 

In this article thus we will discuss how to be more active in life without doing any sport. 


Walk daily 

In our life, we actually have many opportunities to be active. All we have to do is not spend every day on the couch or just lead a sedentary life. As many people nowadays have to seat all day long in the office, you have to walk. For instance, when you commute to work, try to go on foot or if it’s too far and sunny outside grab a bike. You‘ll enjoy your surroundings. If you need to take the transport, get out one or two stops before arriving to work. Same when you come back from work. Stop before getting home or go back on foot or bike. Many studies have shown that walking lower stress, makes us live longer and healthier. 


Take the stairs 

From to time, we’re all lazy and take the elevator. However, taking the stairs is a good thing to stay active in life without doing any sport. Stairs are like opportunities, they are everywhere, in the tube, in the bus, at home, at work, under a bridge. Find a path to grab some stairs on your way. That will work and tone your legs. That will also get your cardiovascular system to work better and you‘ll be healthier. 


Be adventurous, epicurious

It’s good to go on an adventure. When we are kids we were always up to jump, run. Always up to be active and explore the world. Fewer barriers out of life we were still up for an adventure. This time has no changed. You can still be a kid, adventurous and epicurious. That’s what life is and this is why you want to be active. So say yes to gig during the week. Take your cameras and get some pics in the evening, go to an event you like, you’ll stand, you walk, you talk, you’ll meet people and you’ll be active!! 


Be active in the weekend 

On the weekend, do not just stay on your couch and stay at home watching Netflix. 

Get out and be active. If you are not working it is the time to be active and you don’t need to do any sport. Call just some friends and go visit and explore more of your city. If you are bored take a train or a bus and get explore the other around. Or even better find a spot where you can get a point of view or a spot where you’ll find a bit of nature. 

You can also do some shopping, you could spend a lot of calories by doing it and even find some stairs on your way. Go dancing. As long as you are moving. 

Plenty are the possibilities to be active on the weekend. Visit a museum, do some bike or scooter tour, do some cooking or cleaning at home if it’s raining but please don t stay seated and instead move on! Be cre-active!



Here we are now you should be aware of how you can be active without doing any sport. Being active is important, it makes you healthier, happier and can make you live longer. So if you walk, take the stairs and be adventurous you’ll become also epicurious and enjoy life more. This is a good thing and we hope now you know what to do to be active in your life. Get out and move on!



Featured Image “How to be active in life without doing any sport” by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash.



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