Regular exercise is essential to be in good shape and health. It provides you with mental benefits and physical benefits. Besides, it ensures the proper functioning of your body, acts as a perfect fighter against many diseases and can help you to reach objectives like weight loss

You often hear that having a physical activity is extremely recommended and important for the numerous reasons mentioned above, but you nearly know how much exercises do you need, right?

This post will deal with this very important subject and focus on how much exercise do you need depending on your age and physical condition.

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How much exercise you need adult running

Let’s focus firstly on adults and how much exercise do they need. It encompasses people aged 19 to 64 years old.

Adults should do two different sessions of exercises: either intensive activity or moderate activity.

Intensive activity

How much exercise you need Intense activity

It refers to 75 minutes of tough and vigorous activity every week. That means more than 20 minutes of intensive activity 3 times a week.

Intensive activity, as its name suggests, indicates a tough and vigorous activity that requires a lot of energy to spend. It’s far more aimed for adults that are intermediate or advance in these types of intensive activity. These activities are great to spend much energy and improve cardio. We find running, swimming, competitive sports (football, rugby, basketball, tennis), martial arts, gymnastics or aerobics.

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Moderate activity

This activity refers to 150 minutes of moderate activity every week, meaning 30 minutes of moderate activity per day or at least 5 times a week.

Moderate activities are mainly walking, dancing, water aerobics, hiking, doing housework, etc.

Moreover, adults need to complement one of these two activities with strengthening exercises at least twice a week. That means exercises that will reinforce your muscles and bones. Therefore, strengthening exercises basically refers to walking, running, biking, jumping, climbing stairs or lifting weights, exercise with bands, sit-ups, pushups, yoga or pilates.

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Young people

How much exercise you need young people swimming

Now let’s talk about how much exercise young people need.

Young people stand for children and teenagers aged 5 to 18 years old.

Logically, young people don’t need to have the same exercise as adults, even if they are in their teenage age. Indeed, it’s essential to not disturb their growth but ensure a basic level of health.

They need, thus, both at least 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity per day such as biking, playground activity, competitive sports (tennis, basketball, etc), gymnastics and strengthening activity for muscles and bones 3 times a week such as swimming, hopping, skipping, gymnastics.



Children refer to a child under 5 years old. What they need is a physical activity that helps them with their growth and development. It’s generally moderate activities such as standing up, walking, moving or intensive activity such as running around, dancing, skipping rope, gymnastics.


Older adults

How much exercise you need running older

Physical exercise is essential for healthy ageing. Therefore, they can have a physical activity like adults. That means 150 minutes of moderate activity every week or 75 minutes of intensive activity every week with strengthening exercises.

However, adults aged 65 or older need to be careful either if they are fit and have no health problems or if they have one. The key is to adjust the rhythm.


Pregnant women and people with chronic diseases

Pregnant women and people with chronic diseases must be careful and forward-looking on their health and if they can have a physical activity and which type of exercise.

Nonetheless, for their health, it’s still good to do some exercises. Just need to be adapted to their rhythm as older people.

In any way, walking and swimming can be beneficial for all type of people as it’s a good activity with low impact.



From now on, you have the answer to your question.

Knowing how much exercise do you need is perfect to implement it to your healthy lifestyle.

Exercise is one of the best activity because it has many health benefits, including better sleep, reduce stress and anxiety among many others. It’s, thus, necessary to practice physical activity. However, don’t go for it without knowing what you really need.

Every person is different and has different needs and physical condition. This post will, hopefully, help you understand what types of exercises you need depending on your age and physical condition. From now on, go straight exercising! 



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