You may wonder how long does it take to see results with a Personal Trainer. Indeed, it may seem like an investment, therefore it sounds normal to expect returns from it.

Personal trainers will usually help you to keep the motivation and will give you the guidance that you need to reach your goals without injuries.

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However, it might be important to understand that the PTs have no super powers and won’t be able to help you on their own. That’s why you need to invest yourself and to follow their advices on nutrition for instance.

Everybody has different genetics, reactions to exercises. But, the results you’ll obtain will depend on your personal investment and also on other factors. Let’s quickly get through them.

“To follow the path, look to the master, follow the master, walk with the master, see through the master, become the master.”
– Zen proverb


The Diet

Diet is very important when you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass. In any case, it will be necessary to organise your meals so that they’re balanced without fat.

Of course, if you want to gain muscle mass, it will be better to eat proteins but always with many vegetables. If you’re looking to lose weight, you should avoid anything high in sugar and fat.

But don’t worry about it, the good personal trainers are there to help you to organise your meals with you and not just to give you exercises.

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Frequency of training sessions

The frequency of training sessions will obviously play a major role in the evolution of your results. Indeed, a person training 3 to 4 times a week will see his results much faster than a person who trains only once a week.

Finally, you’ll notify progress after 3 weeks of constant practice. And good results after 2-3 months usually. But one advice we can give you is to not look in the mirror every day. Indeed, you won’t see the results day after day. Focus on doing the right things, and follow the advices. Results will come along natural.

“Hard work pays off”

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Another major factor that will play an important role in your development is regularity. Indeed, if you want to see progresses as quickly as possible, consistency is the key.

Regularity is also just as important in our daily lives and in what we do daily.

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So, how long does it take to see results with a PT?

To respond to this question, the only thing that we recommend you is to stay focused and motivated in your goals. You need after that to follow the instructions and advices of the PT with consistency to achieve your goals. And obviously if you can, the more you’ll have sessions/week, the more you’ll progress faster.

Finally, you should know that Personal trainer will enable you to lead to a healthy lifestyle.

“Focus on work, progress and results will come along the way.”
– Romain Gherardi


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