Horseriding is a great sport that can be practised no matter your age or the season. This sport is the only individual sport that can be practised by two (the horse and you). It will combine muscle training and the love of an animal. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of this discipline is that it will have a positive effect on your mindset as well as working your body. 

Like a lot of other sport, for instance swimming, it’s primordial to link strength training with horseriding, as you need to be muscular to control your horse correctly. Let’s see now how horseriding can be a good sport for you. 


Toning your muscles while having fun 

Like most outdoor sports, horseriding can be experienced as a leisure activity that does not require a particular physical condition, such as a walk at a walking pace. When horseriding is practiced regularly and when you invest yourself, it becomes a sport in its own right for which certain physical aptitudes are required.

Horseriding does not require an intense muscular effort but a controlled toning of the legs, buttocks, back, abdominal muscles, and arms. In order to lead the animal while following its natural movements, a permanent light pressure must be exerted on its body which is increased to give orders. In addition, the paces in suspension (trot and gallop) also require good muscle tone.

This permanent tonicity is excellent for sheathing, increasing the firmness of the muscles at rest. This translates into a better figure and a more upright posture. Finally, the controlled movement of the rider’s body weight helps to improve the sense of balance.

This sport can be good for you while having fun and filling up with new and strong sensations, through jumping, for example, dressage or aerobatics.


Release stress and be present

While being a good sport for toning your muscle, horseriding is a great way to relax and to stay focus on the present moment. Walking in the forest is the best way to reconnect yourself with nature, alone with your horse. Breathing the fresh air, smelling the trees, is the best way to escape from the offices and all the troubles of everyday life.

Furthermore, horses don’t care about the past or the future; which will help you to focus on the present moment and stop thinking about unuseful things. Indeed the horse is an excellent therapy against stress. In fact, certain practices such as ethology will allow you to be in contact with horses on “foot” or in “freedom”. This will allow you to focus on the present moment but also to gain self-confidence in order to better manage stress and learn how to put it aside. You will feel better in your head and you will be more self-confident! 

The best example of how horses are calming and peaceful is the famous story of Peyo, an incredible stallion that detects cancer and soothes diseases. He still remains a mystery for the scientists. If you want to learn more about this story, I invite you to click on the link


Horseriding is for everyone 

As said before, horseriding is a sport that can be practised no matter your age. Indeed, there is no age required for horseriding. Furthermore, it’s adviced for the introverted child because it will help them to reveal themselves as the relationship between a horse and a human is completely different. And for the oldest person, horseriding can be practiced up to 70 years old! It is the case of the famous Olympic equestrian Michel Robert who still makes competition at … 72 years old. 

Horseriding is also a sport that can be performed by disabled people. Vladimir Vinchon for example is a former professional jockey. A terrible road accident forced the doctors to amputate his right leg. He overcame his handicap and resumed riding, winning numerous prizes such as a Nations Cup in November 2011.



Horseriding is a great sport for you which will combine sport, fun, and relaxation. Indeed, even if many people will say that it’s not an intense sport, don’t be mistaken: it will allow you to work on your cardio, your body but it will also improve your balance. But as the pleasure, the passion, and the sensations are intense, you won’t even feel like you’re making an effort. You’ll just feel like you’re having fun with a friend of a different size! 

So what are you waiting for to take the plunge on horseback?


Photo by Johan Danielson on Unsplash

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