How a life coach can help you in life? This is the question you may ask yourself. And as we discussed previously in our blog with how a personal trainer can help you in life. We decide to talk about how a life coach can help you this time.

As you know there are many ways that a life coach could assist you and in many different areas. Indeed in our life coaching Pret-a-Train for instance we start all of our programs with a tool called “the Wheel of Life”, which can help us to find out in which area you need most your life coach: health, career, recreation and fun, love, family and friends, environment, personal growth or significant others. So these are all the areas where you can have a need for a life coach to help you.

So now let’s clarified and tell you precisely how a life coach can help you in life


Clarifying your goals

You might have goals, or you might don’t, but for some reasons, you need some. And a life coach could help you clarifying and especially prioritising your goals.

With your life coach, you can get centred on your life or professional goals. Make them concise and work on them. The life coach will support and motivate you to get towards these goals. You’ll have to be accountable for it with the support of your coach.


Finding your inner self

You can be lost. And don’t worry it can happen, at a certain stage, to anyone of us. That’s normal. You might have changed, or you decide that you want to do something else. Sometimes you are not sure, but you can get the feeling to live a life which is more connected with who you truly are. It can be revisiting what you do, or find your core values, which is important to lead a life for your inner self.

The life coach will assist you to listen to your instinct and to lead a life which more synchronized with your true and inner self.


Finding your life purpose

What’s getting more with your inner self? Of course, it’s your life purpose. A life coach could help you find your life purpose. Without finding for yourself. But by talking with you, so the coach will help you to find your inner self. Then, the goal afterwards will be to find your life purpose. What drives you? Why are you here for? Why are you going to wake up every morning for?

The life coach will assist you in finding that “why”. That why that makes things happen in many people lives.

This is how great a life coach can help you. This is a big thing cause in Pret-a-Train we believe that once you have that, then you can have a happy life in accordance with who you really are.


Getting you out of depression

Another point on how a life coach can help you in life it’s also as said previously to make you happy. So meaning to make you out of the sadness. The life coach can help you to find content and happiness in your life.

Get out of depression and develop a great fulfilment in your life. The life coach won’t be here to give you the hand to get out of your bed. However, it will support you by being honest and have this discussion to get back to your life with his tools, skills, knowledge and passion. With a life coach, you can find back the thrive and put a smile back on your face. 


Shift your mindset

You might have a mindset where possibilities can be absent. You might want to become happier and see life differently. So the life coach could help you to shift this mindset for a better one, making you aware of the possibilities and the resources you have.

You might work on your limiting beliefs to expand them with your life coach. He/she will be here as a boost and as a positive accountant for you to have more beliefs in yourself and in the world around.

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Getting self-confidence

Self-confidence is one of the main aspects we need to have as a human being to achieve or live what we want to do. One of the main role and why people get a life coach it’s often to gain self-esteem so self-confidence.

No much is create with good self-confidence about yourself. The coach will support you to gain this self-esteem that you might need in your life. By communicating and oriented you in what the good things and qualities you have, you could acknowledge the power and gain the confidence in you.

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Building self-love

Another main aspect that we need as a human being it’s to know how to love ourselves. In fact, it’s great wanting to help others, having compassion and love others. However, if you don’t have first compassion and love for yourself, how can you give it back?

A life coach can help you to build self-love. With self-love, you’ll be able to appreciate more your best friend which is you. Then you’ll be able to give it back. And your whole perspective in life can be more surrounded with love and beauty.

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Change your habits

Some habits that you have for yourself can be good, some others can be destructive. Moreover, to succeed or do something in your life, building good habits can be fundamental. So that’s something again where a life coach could help you to get.

You might want to stop a bad addiction and finding ways to do something else. Like practising a physical activity instead of being all day on your phone or smoking cigarette. And with your life coach helping you that’s something that you can start doing, shift your mindset, change your habits and do things you really want to do with the help of your coach.

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Achieve health and fitness goals

As mentioned just earlier, if you want to start a physical activity or being in better shape the life coach can also help you to get better in this area.

Being healthy is also something important in your life, to live life more fully, to enjoy more time with your friends and family or to simply live longer. So the coach could help you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You might also consider that some life coach can also have a diploma in personal training. Then if it’s something you look for it, it can be good to find the right coach for you.


Creating a profession and personal growth plan

You might want to start a new career or change something in your life, and you don’t know where to go, or where to start. So the life coach can help you in establishing that plan. Creating that mind map and put the action towards to succeed in a personal or professional level.

This is also of the major reason why people get a life coach. And that could be the sparkle to get you towards your life in accordance with your core values. 


Define core values

Finally, a life coach could help you to define your core values.

In Pret-a-Train values are keys, as it’s like a guide map for our life. If for instance, your value is family and love, so maybe a life focusing on your career and anything else might be not the solution.

Being aligned with our values is a major thing in life. For many, nothing matter more than being true with your values. It’s how you can live a life more peacefully. And how you can connect better with people who got the same values than yours.



As you are now aware a life coach can help you in many different specific points in your life. With tools, skills, passion and knowledge. A life coach can help you to lead a life more connected and with more fulfilment to who you truly are.

Life coaching can be made in person, online, by mail or phone. So choose the way is best for yourself as now you might know the reason why you need a life coach.

We do life coaching in London.


Romain Gherardi

My name is Romain Gherardi, founder of Pret-a-Train and Newairz. Author and expert in fitness and health. I write and share my passions in order to help you have a better and healthier life.


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