As the summer is approaching, you may want to find the way to feel yourself better. Here you are at the right place, in this quick post, we’ll introduce you our best tip to be in shape this summer.

Early up!

Sometimes, you can get up on the wrong side of the bed and being in a bad mood during a long time of your day. But here is our tip to feel better. Indeed, you can put your alarm clock 30 minutes before you get up. I know what you are thinking, “they are crazy!”. No, we’re not, and we’ll explain you why.


Put my alarm clock 30 minutes before I get up… Ok, but why?

First of all, it seems obvious, but you’ll have more time for yourself. Which is just need it!!! You’ll be able to spend this time in a healthy way then.

Here’s how: 


Do some exercises:

The first thing you can do to be in shape for the day is to do some exercises to wake your body up. Exercises will raise all the good hormones your body need to be in shape.

Doing sport after getting up helps you to have a positive attitude. For instance, you can start smoothly with some stretches exercises during 15 minutes. Then, you can add some strengthening exercises as plank, core strengths, press-up. But the whole thing doesn’t need to exceed 25 min. That’s the thing!

If you want to learn more about that, we’ve already wrote an article about stretching.

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Have a breakfast:

Then, you can take a healthy breakfast. According to a report published in 2017, 50 per cent of Britons don’t have time for breakfast. This result is surprising due to the importance of the breakfast in our health. Indeed, it provides benefits and energy that everybody needs for the day.

You can find one recipe which can help you to make a healthy breakfast.

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Take your time:

Finally, the most important thing is to have more time for you. Indeed, we can now notice that many people are in a hurry and therefore stressed, especially in large busy cities.

Take care of the children, go to work, go home after a hard day, that is the daily life of most people. Have some time to rest and chill is important to be in shape and have these minutes can help you.

That means, if you do your strength training 2 or 3 times a week. The other times wake up 30 mins before you usually do to keep the rhythm and take this time to reflect or read.

We believe that slowing down the way we live, can make a huge impact in the way we feel.



So here it is. This little simple and best tip to be in shape this summer by waking up a bit earlier that you usually do can make a life changing experience to your life as seen it.

By taking this time for yourself, to train your body 2 to 3 times and read or reflect a bit on your day or week, can make you on the way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Which can be just beneficial in any areas of your life.

So, be motivated, go to bed a bit earlier and wake up earlier to take care of yourself and be in shape, not just for summer but for all year long!!!!



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