If you want to grow your glutes the best way to do it is to perform glute focused exercises. 

Growing your glutes shouldn’t just be for esthetic. In fact, glutes, are the biggest muscle of your body.

Well-shaped and strong glutes are necessary even for your health. First of all, because they help you support your back. Secondly, they help you stabilize hips and proper pelvic alignment. Finally,  if your pelvis is stable then you’ll prevent knee injury.

So, here are the best glute focused exercises that you can do for stronger glutes. 


Hip thrust 

The number one glute focused exercise is hip thrust. This exercise is the best compound movement for your glutes. In fact, during this exercise the only part of your body that is your glutes.

Sit down. Place your shoulders on a bench or anything that is stable (bed, couch..). 

You can perform this exercise either with your bodyweight, resistance bands, a barbell or even a dumbell. If you use a barbel or a dumbell put them on your hips. If you use a resistance band, put it around your thighs, near your knees. 

Make you sure you contract your abs for more stability. Place your legs at a 90° angle and aligned to your shoulders. If you want to feel your glutes burn even more, rotate your feet externally. Drive your hips up making sure that you tuck your chin and you look in front of you. 

The most important thing to remember is that your head and upper body shouldn’t move. 

If they move, your lower body will take on and you can injure yourself. 



This is a hip thrust variation. This glute focused exercise can be done during your workout or as a finisher/pump to feel your glutes burn. It’s also a good variation for beginners or people who have lower back problems. This exercise will not only work your glutes but will also strengthen your lower back.

Lie down on a mat. Place your arms along your body. Tuck your chin, tuck your hips and drive them up. Hold on for 3 seconds and make sure you contract your glutes. Make sure you create a line with your body when you’re at the height of the movement. 

You can also do this exercise with a single leg. Perform it the same way but take one leg off from the ground. This can be an isolating exercise.



Kickbacks are a glute focused exercise but they also work your hamstring and engage your core. There are two ways you can perform this exercise. 

Kneel on the floor with your knees at a 90° angle. Put your arms slightly shoulder width and drive your shoulders back. Make sure that they’re tuck in.

Slightly tuck in your hips so that they don’t drive along with your legs. Contrat your abs for more stability. 

Drive one leg up keeping it at a 90° angle and lift it until it’s parallel to the floor. The most important thing here is not to rush.

Move your legs slowly and keep contracting your glutes at the top. 


Sumo deadlifts 

Sumo deadlifts are a deadlift variation. They target your whole glutes and also your inner thighs. You can do this exercise with a barbell, a dumbell or a kettlebell.

Place your legs wider than your shoulders. Grab whatever material you’re using in your hands. Rotate your feet externally for even more burning sensation. 

Bend down as if you’re performing a squat. Engage your core but most importantly keep your back straight. 

Squeeze your glutes once you’re up and your legs are straight. 



Lunges are a great glute focused exercise that can be done during your workout but also before as a warm-up.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width. Move one leg forward and lower your body with your leg at a 90° angle.

The trick is that when you stand up, you push with your heel. This way you’ll feel your glutes even more engaged. 

Throughout your movement, make sure that your upper body is parallel to your hips.  


Step up 

Step up are the best glute focused exercise and they focus on buttocks in particular. The higher the step, the harder it will be and the more you’ll feel the burn.

Step-ups are a great strength exercise. You can either use your own body weight and do high repetitions. Or you can use weights with smaller reps. This will ensure that you focus on your balance and your form. 

Place your foot on a step or a chair. Push with the leg that is on the step, preferably with your heel. If you push with your heel you’ll feel your under butt work even more. Pause at the top, then go back down slowly and control your movement. 

Make sure that you don’t push with the other leg or you won’t get the right results. 



The last glute focused exercise is sprinting. Sprinting is a great exercise for your lower body. You put intensity in your workout in a short amount of time. It is also one of the best exercises for those who like running. It is also a good alternative for those who don’t like weight lifting in general. The more the road or the field where you run is steep, the harder the sprint. 

For instance, you can run 30 seconds as fast as you can. Then take a break until you feel ok for the next sprint. Do this 5 to 10 times according to your activity level. At the end of your session, make sure you stretch.

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash


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