Alright, let’s talk briefly…

Put the picture of it like this…

You know this moment when it’s become too hard to continue exercises in the gym or at home with your personal trainer, and when you begin to say things that you can’t retain yourself to.

It can also often happen that you don’t have the energy anymore. Then you’re saying something really funny or out of context that makes you laugh a lot or not at all.

Thus, we ask several personal trainers to report here the funniest things they heard from you. We compile it from different topics. We’re sure that if you’ve already trained with a personal trainer or with a friend you’ve already say things like that.

But obviously, we advise you to be stronger than your strongest excuses!

Nonetheless, let’s laugh a bit today:


Excuses to not work out:

The top funniest things said to a personal trainer are 99% related to not wanting to exercise. You know this moment when you really don’t want to work out and you make up excuses. Then you said something like that to your personal trainer:

1)” Jesus Christ! I can’t do that!!!”

2)” F****!… sorry I didn’t mean that. But come on that was hard!”

3)” I’m sorry tomorrow I can’t because it’s the birthday of one of my friends and we will have drinks. So, I’m not sure at will be able to come for 1 pm the next morning….”

4)” I don’t want to sweat, I just did my brushing and I spent a lot in it”

5)” I don’t want to work out today, I just did my nails. I’m afraid that Burpees won’t help.”

6)” I don’t want to go to the gym, they don’t have the machines I like, and they are full of guys just looking at women.”

7)” Sorry I’m late, I was just eating a Mac Donald with my friends. I can’t do any abs then.”

8)” You see I come to you. But unfortunately, I can’t train today. Can we just talk instead?”



You know when you’re envisioning at what you will become, and you say something like that to your personal trainer:

9)” How can I make my butt bounce less and be rounder?”

10)” You can prepare exercises that will make me lose weight but keep my boobs?”

11)” Then you will see me in a magazine, and I will say it’s because of you!”



You know when you are dreaming about food, you can’t resist, you think of food over and over again. Some of the funniest things said to a Personal trainer are often related to food.

12)” What do you mean, I can’t eat doughnuts and any desserts?”

13)” Will I finally be able to eat something at the end of this exercise?”

14)” Is it possible to lose weight by continuing to eat fast foods?”

15)” Will you give me chocolate if I do these 20 burpees?”

16)” Are chips vegetables?”

17)” Ok let’s make a deal if I do all the reps I can eat a burger at the end. Deal?”

18)” How many calories I lose right now? Can I eat something because I don’t want to lose weight too fast?”

19)” I don’t know how it’s happened!!!” (When your PT discovered the Nutella pot in the kitchen).


Dating and more private things:

You know when you’re empty of energy, and you’re flirting with your personal trainer and you said thing like that…

20)” You’d be willing to go out for a fun drink with me in three months when I’m in shape.”

21)” I have a lot of problems, but my curves aren’t ones”

22)” I’m not going to tell you anymore, but I can now do other positions in bed and my husband thanks you”

23)” Is it your last session? Because I’m kind of free after if you want to have a fake gin tonic?”

24)” Wow, you have a nice back! Can I touch it to check if it’s though?”

25)” What do you think of my bum when I squat? Am I doing correctly?”

26)” Ok I put a bit of weight, but you know when I was young they called me Beyoncé”


Or just when you can’t take it anymore:

Sometimes, you can’t do any more exercises and workout, and you say things like that to your personal trainer...

27)” If the session’s not over in five minutes, I’ll kick your ass.”

28)” I think you would kill me”

29)” I think I’m personally victimized by my personal trainer”

30)” I don’t need a Personal trainer, it’s just my wife who called you for me”

31)” If I do one more push up, I promise you that I stop my contract”

32)” Dear Jesus, please tell my trainer to stop making me do burpees”

33) “F***, How long do we have to do that for?”

34) “Jeez! I can’t do one more exercise” (But you’ve just been training for 10 minutes…)”

The End:

I hope we’ve made you laugh. Because you do make us laugh too. We shared the funniest things said to a personal trainer, but we’re sure there are many more. So, keep being yourself. Cause authenticity is the cutest thing you can have. Then be persistent in your efforts. Cause they’ll pay off! Djeeeeez!!!

Have you recognized yourself saying things like this?
What’s your favorite one?
Please tell us, what did you say to your personal trainer?

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Gym To You · 23rd April 2019 at 3:19 am

I kept laughing while reading the lines, thanks for coming up with this article and sharing it! I remember when I had a personal trainer once, at times when it felt like I have no strength anymore to do one more rep, he would say the most encouraging words to keep me going but all I can think of is that why the heck did I sign up for this. But in the end, he always manages to make me do that one last round of exercise.

Can Laughter make you Lose Weight? - Newairz · 18th March 2019 at 4:36 pm

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