So, you might be a French Londoner looking for French personal trainers. Here we are “Coach Sportif” to help the town to get better. 

In fact, Pret-a-Train is a group of bilingual French personal trainers in London. 

Founded in February 2017, the fitness company strong by his fundamental values has been created by Romain Gherardi, a native from the South of France. 

Pret-a-Train main goal is to help has many people feeling better, stronger and healthier. 

French personal trainers Pret-a-Train client 2

Pret-a-Train for who? 

Of course, it seems obvious that French people can be helped by the French company. Nonetheless, everyone, from every country can be monitored by the Londonian bilingual company. 

If you want to feel better, have more energy, have a better shape or adopt a more healthy lifestyle. Pret-a-Train will suit you. 

Strong of spreading the healthy lifestyle around the French personal training company has also helped people to remove chronic pains like back pain or sciatica for instance. 

They also have changed the shape of Londoners all across London. You can find that on the testimonial page

Pret-a-Train also works with companies across London to empower them, making them healthier and happier. Have a deeper look at the corporate website.

To know more about the Personal Training company you can scroll the website, we invite you to read the 2 pages below: 

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So Pret-a-Train how it works 

In a quick resume, if you have a fitness goal or a health-related one, you can contact us on the contact page by refilling the form. You can also find the form at the end of this page.

One of the team members then will contact you to know a bit more about yourself, explain to you how we work and see how we can help you. 

After this little conversation, we come to you to give you a trial session. On this session will give you a 30min workout to see how you feel about the exercise, and for your body to start to train with us. This session will allow yourself to meet a team member in real person, and to see the way we work. 

After that, you’ll be able to follow a bespoke program and to thrive toward your goals if you wish. 

If you need more information about the way Pret-a-Train works you can find that into the Home page

Pret-a-Train works all across London to furnish the right personal training service for your own convenience:

FulhamParsons greenSouthfieldsPutneyWimbledonSouth Kensington ClaphamChelsea

Notting HillShepherd’s bush

KenningtonElephant and Castle

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See you shortly to make you better.

You can also visit our French website, our blog and our health media:

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