Stress is common to everybody’s daily life. Fortunately, there are ways to handle it like exercise. Apart from many physical and mental benefits, exercise is an excellent anti-stress recommended for everyone to reduce tension and pressure. Furthermore, you reduce cortisol (stress hormone) and increase endorphins and serotonin (calming hormone).

Let’s jump right into 9 exercises for stress relief.


Exercises to calm down and relax


exercises for stress relief yoga

One of the best and most popular exercises for stress relief is certainly yoga. Yoga is based on focus and concentration, which are major factors to reduce stress. This exercise provides you with benefits for your body and your mind. Relaxation, postures and stretching are part of the activity. Most importantly, it helps you calm down, relax, and focus on your breathing. Besides reducing stress, yoga helps lower blood pressure and heart rate.

To do, try 15 minutes or more of yoga session whenever and wherever you feel.


Tai Chi

exercises for stress relief tai chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese discipline that focuses on mental concentration, physical balance, muscle relaxation and breathing. It includes a series of continuous and circular movements executed slowly and accurately. Tai Chi is great to calm the mind and improve concentration. This discipline particularly concentrates on deep and long breathing which are essential to reduce stress. Moreover, Tai Chi boosts energy and allow you to get more restorative sleep.

Practised bare hands and feet, it exists different styles and forms of Tai Chi that will act as great stress-relieving.



Pilates aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.

Like both workouts mentioned above, Pilates demands a huge concentration. By focusing only on your movements, you allow your mind to empty all the worries and stressful feelings that can go through your mind during this workout moment. Moreover, concentration makes your cortisol decreasing little by little.

These exercises are also very easy to practice. Get organized by programming little session of pilates.


Exercises to clear your mind and disconnect


exercises for stress relief running

One of the best exercises for stress relief is running. You run at your own pace with your headphones on your hears or focused on the landscapes. Running helps to clear your mind and disconnect from your daily troubles that go through your mind. Besides physical benefits, running is an endurance exercise that is an excellent anti-stress. Furthermore, after running, you generally feel more relaxed and the mind is relieved of stress, good well-being overwhelms you and you sleep better at night.

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Every water workout is extremely useful to relieve stress. Swimming is, by far, one of the best exercises for stress relief. Indeed, it provides you with well-being feelings and increases calming and happiness hormones. Besides of well-being, calm and relaxation, swimming makes you work your whole body and muscles. Thanks to water, you won’t necessarily suffer from joint pain after a tough session. Another problem resolves!

However, if you aren’t a swimming lover, don’t worry! It exists several other activities in water that could please you, such as aqua-bike, aqua-gym or agua-running.


Skipping rope

A rope, good cardio and strong arms. It’s all you need to relieve stress. Skipping rope is the easiest sport you can find among the wide range of sports that exist. However, don’t practice it you have regular heart or joint problems. What is interesting when skipping rope is thinking of what stress and bother you. Once you know, you can entirely concentrate on your pace, your intensity and your breathing. Free all your troubles by jumping and jumping.

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Exercises to get rid of tension


Tennis is a great way to relieve stress because it’s a cardio workout. Spending much energy, making your whole body moving help to reduce cortisol. Moreover, it’s an exercise that demands concentration by analyzing your opponent, making sure you won’t lose, by responding to his game. Furthermore, you can also reduce blood pressure and heart rate. Tennis is such a great way to socialize with people as well. If you’re interested, there are many lessons or local leagues everywhere that could match your desires, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.



exercise boxing stress

By far, boxing is the workout that allows anger, frustration, aggressivity and stress to be evacuated. Despite many popular beliefs, boxing doesn’t only attract bad persons. Every person from everywhere and of any age can practice this workout provided you have a good cardiac condition.

So, take your boxing gloves, find a boxing gym, get ready to sweat and hit the punching bag! You’ll relieve any negative thoughts and make you feel better and relieved straight after your boxing session.


Strength training

Strength training is a great workout because you combine both muscle strengthening, muscle gain and stress-relieving. Indeed, due to the movement you’re making, you’re automatically focused on them and it makes impossible to think to something else that bother your mind. Practising regular strength training exercises allows improving self-confidence since the goal is to tone up your body and improve your physique. You can also eliminate stress tensions very effectively and improve sleep. Indeed, the release of endorphins significantly improves the quality of sleep. And when you sleep well, you are less vulnerable to stress.



Stress is a plague that affects many people. Technically, hormones play a key role to decrease or increase your stress. For instance, cortisol, the stress hormone, can be reduced through the practice of a sport. Sport has many benefits for your health, especially the benefit of stress relief. Another good news is that there are different workouts that can match your expectation, your desires, your temper or physical condition.

For instance, if you want a moment of calm and relaxation, opt for yoga, tai chi or pilates. Moreover, if you want to disconnect from the negative thought in your mind, choose running, swimming or skipping rope. Finally, tennis, boxing or strength training are great workouts to get rid of tensions.

A workout is a real stress-relieving. So, now get ready for physical activity!


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