Lack of Vitamin D during the winter weather? Our solutions

Tired, sick, lacking Vitamin D during the winter weather? At this period of time, you can hear everywhere that, especially with the temperature change, but what does it really mean? What are the risks associated with a deficiency or a lack of Vitamin D? How to protect yourself, even during the cold autumn and winter

5 superfoods, our plant-based selection

Diet plays a crucial part in the pursuit of a healthy life and a strong health. Thus, people often advise to consume fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, for their nutriments and vitamins inputs. However, some foods have more benefits than others. They are what we call superfoods. We find a huge number of

Why starting a new routine in September?

Starting a new routine in September may seem like a bit of a throwback to the new year’s resolutions. Indeed, it is usually during this period of the year that we choose to change our habits. We decide to stop smoking, eat better, lose some weight, etc. However, in the majority of cases, these decisions

How to get back into exercise after holidays?

As you must have realized, it is not always easy to get back into exercise after holidays. Indeed, we quickly lose our good habits like going to work out and maintaining a good diet. Holidays are indeed an open door to “fatty food” and alcohol. This often has effects on our physical state. Indeed, back

The Plank l How does it help and how to do it?

The holiday season is still here, and even for a little longer for some people enjoying their  holidays in September. It is generally during this period of time that we want to show ourselves to others at our best, and to be able to enjoy this moment without any complex. However, if you have to

5 healthy summer tips

It is sometimes hard to have a healthy summer. Indeed, summer rhymes usually with being sociable with friends, going out, having some drinks and parties, etc. Plus, it is also the period of time when people stop maintaining their healthy routine and become lazy about doing exercises. The price of this attitude is unfortunately weight

The keys to adopt a healthy lifestyle

In recent years, more and more people has realized the impact of their lifestyle on their health and their spirit. In fact, over-consumption of food, lack of exercise or a life based on always more consumption produces stressed, anxious and often skin individuals. Faced with that, the healthy lifestyle was distinguished thanks to all its benefits for

Get ready for physical activity: our advices

Integrating a regular sport activity into your daily life is important and beneficial to your health. Indeed, sport has many benefits, including boosting your immune system and your spirit. However, it is not always easy to start sport. That’s why we present our advices to get ready for physical activity on a daily basis. By

Healthy breakfast: our recipes

Starting well our day is very important, we all know that! But do we really know what our body needs in the morning? Indeed, we are generally influenced at a young age by certain eating habits, and as soon as our breakfast. These habits persist over time, and it is often very difficult to get