Nowadays, we have the tendency to ask too much of ourselves, like losing 10kg in 2 months or running a marathon in 3 months. However, that’s not the best way to continue and be consistent in our effort to be healthy. 

I believe that by doing small habits little by little you can reach a good state of health and become healthy. 

This is why I decided to give you some small easy habits to make you healthy that you can start now. 


1 – Go to bed and wake up 15 mins earlier

To me, to become healthy, as I say in some other articles you have to respect 4 elements: your environment, your eating habits, your training, and your sleep. 

So the first thing that I think of first is to respect your sleep and start small. Sleep is an important basis to be healthy. If you have a good rest then you can work well, train well and live your life well then. As you know the opposite won’t do the same when you don’t have proper sleep and you are tired. 

So people who are healthy, wake up early and have a small healthy routine in the morning. These routines don’t have to be too long. They just need to fit you. 

That’s why the first easy healthy habit to make you healthy that you can start now is to go to bed just 15mins earlier and wake up the same. Like this, you’ll have that 15mins supplementary time to do the next other small easy habits that will make you healthy which is a very important one. 

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2 – Do 5 to 10 mins exercise

Doing physical activity is a core thing to being healthy. Plus it will make you fitter if you want to lose weight, boost your cardio, having more energy, or get toned. 

I’m sure you know the importance of eating well and that rumor that said 80% nutrition, 20% physical activity. Throw that fake thing in the bin. I came to say that is bullshit. Of course, nutrition is important but moving is the same. 

Actually is a study has shown that not exercising can be worst than smoking.

Because nowadays many people are sitting at a desk in front of their screen all day long. So they have a sedentary lifestyle and never move. So if it’s your case, I really encourage you to do that 5 to 10 mins of workout every day. If you are already pretty active just try to get that routine 3 to 4 times a week. Put it into your calendar. 

That little time for exercise can be just to do a small routine which will depend on your level: like 10 push-ups (on your knees), 10 squats, 30 seconds of plank, 30 seconds of jumping jack 3 times. 

Or going for a quick run, or just finding the right youtube video that you can follow. 

The goal is just to kick the day by having a small workout that actually can save your life at the end of the day. Understand that moving your body is crucial to be healthy. 

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3 – Go to the market 

After having talked about exercising, now it’s time for us to talk quickly about food. Take care of your grocery list. Again start small, avoid foods that won’t be any good for you. It’s now time to stop buying too much-processed food. Like these biscuits or other things that you know aren’t any good for you.

Get interested in seasonal fruits and vegetables. And go to the nearest market to pick up some. I personally like to go to the market instead of the supermarket, because they are mostly natural products, you can talk to the seller, see some other people. I feel like that’s more healthy, and also human. 

So try to make that small healthy easy habit every week, 1 to 2 times to pick up the fruits and veggies you need. Put them at your house, and try to get a bit of time to cook. 

One good thing for you will be also to understand how to eat healthy, you can read that guide that we create on how to eat healthy.

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4 – Make time for yourself

In a time when it feels like we need to work more and more, or just stay on the phone, meeting, and using the computer more and more. Stop. Just stop a bit during the day to give some time to yourself to cook something. 

In 2021, after the Covid, many of us can stay more at home. So get out of that computer, go to the kitchen and give what you can for yourself to cook something nice, enjoy a bit of time with your wife or children, or just agree sometime for yourself. 

Hey! It’s needed, we are not working for working right? And how do you want to work well, if you don’t agree sometimes for yourself to be healthy? 

Then one of those little easy habits to make you healthy that you can start now it’s to set up a time for yourself to cook something nice and eat. Don’t ask too much time first but get to this little habit. Make sure you won’t put that meeting at lunch or don’t put it after, make sure you have that time to create some good food and nourish yourself well at least. 

And if you have some extra time do a quick nap, or do anything that you like to do, yes even during the week!

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5 – Walk 

Let’s come back on being active. You know that we can become active without doing any sport. And one option it’s instead of using the transport, walk or cycle. 

Walking is really beneficial for the body and mind. Make those small easy healthy habits regularly. Walk on the way to work, walk to go to the marker. Try to use less car and transport, it will be also beneficial not for you but for a healthier planet too, and for others

Walk during the week, walk over the weekend, walk when you can. 


6 – Spend time in nature 

Do you have a park nearby, or better a forest? Get the habits to go to that part whenever you can. If it’s a bit far away make sure you go every week. Human beings are craving for nature, in a world where we are dehumanized, we need to reconnect to the essential. 

So the great thing to do will be to go often to nature alone or with friends, or family. And try to avoid taking or using your phone. Stay present to be healthy. Connect to what is close to you. 

Look at the trees, the birds, the sky, look at the beauty. Walk, run if you can, breathe well, cause here it’s pure. 

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7 – Connect with people

I believe that having someone to talk to is important. Some of us have the belief that we should keep our problems to ourselves. But actually, someone might have gone through this and can help you. It can be a friend, a family member, or anyone that you feel like talking to. 

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to talk about problems, you can talk about different things. But try to speak about what matters to you, not just the last news about politics or football. 

Talk real, meet up with friends, or family. I believe it’s important to connect with people to be healthy. And in a world where it feels like we are getting divided, don’t trust this. Go and see people, talk to people, people are like you, they have good days and bad days. They have the fear sometimes, the sadness, and the kindness… all the things that are present in you. 

So make the habits of connecting to others either in real or by video or phone. 


Last note

Here I am done. I share with you 7 Easy Habits to make you healthy that you can start now. I hope they will help you. Obviously, as I say all the time, don’t try to do all of them at one time, but pick up a few and do it. The most important thing to be healthy as many things in life is to start. So make a point to start some good things for yourself. It might be the right time. 

If you want to push further, I encourage you to read our guide on: How to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Be healthy, do your best. I’m sure you do.


Romain Gherardi

My name is Romain Gherardi. I'm a wellness coach, blog author, fitness wellbeing expert. Founder and CEO of Pret-a-Train. My goal is for you to be healthy. Let's live in a healthy world with love and harmony.


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