What’s metabolism?

Metabolism is the process that brings together all the reactions to burn calories, keep your body in activity and mainly alive! So it can help you to be fit and healthy meanwhile having a good punch of energy. Which is not a bad thing, right?

Your metabolism can be different than the others and that’s the reason why certain persons seem all the time lean and sound to not gain any weights.

If you want to know to read more specifically about what is the metabolism, read this article.

Do you know that there are several things that exist for you to boost your metabolism? That’s what you’re going to discover by reading this article.


How to boost your metabolism?


1) Use the cardio to reinforce your metabolism

If you do cardio, which is really important to keep up your metabolism, you will be healthier.
Certain habits have to be taken so.
For example, it’s better for yourself to walk instead of taking the transports or your car. Plus, it’s healthier for the planet as well. You could also get off a Tube station before yours, then walk when you go back home, or climb stairs on foot without using the elevators.

Also, note that cardiovascular exercises like swimming and running can help you to stimulate your metabolism and give you more energy too.
Moreover, if you are sitting all day long at your desk, don’t hesitate to walk around your office if space allows it or just get some fresh air sometimes.

If you do these things, you will quickly feel better and your metabolism will be more reinforced. As you can see it’s just simple daily movements, but there are necessary for you and your body!

Finally, when you will have done a lot of cardio, you will possess more toned up muscles and that’s a great way to increase your metabolism.
That’s exactly what we are going to talk about on the next point.

Boost your metabolism cardio activity


2) Boost your metabolism with exercises and work out

You should probably know that muscles are definitely more active on metabolism than fat. Indeed, the more you have muscles, the less you have fat, and the better you will feel!

Like we said, your metabolism is increased by cardio activities and even more by adding strength exercises and working out to your routine.
Your muscle mass will be a boost and so your metabolism as well. Try to instance higher-intensity activities like lifting weights.

Balancing aerobic and anaerobic activities can be great for your metabolism and your health as well. Discover more about this topic and how to be fit and healthy in this article from our CEO.

So, make sure that you understand that muscles burn more calories than fat. Thus, if you train more you will be more rapidly gain muscles which will peak up your metabolism to a constant high rate daily.

The good thing then is that you can sleep and burn more calories without doing nothing. Thanks to your muscles supporting your body resting.

Now you know what to do to stay or be fit?


3) Sleep well to regulate your metabolism

It’s a well-known fact that the lack of sleep is a factor of obesity. Sleeping, not enough could slow down your metabolism and this is the reason why sometimes some people can have difficulty to lose weight.

Make sure you sleep around 7-9 hours because it’s the time that an average adults need to.

Try to go to bed early before midnight, and if you can at the same time routinely. Except for the weekend of course.

Not sleeping correctly can cause metabolism disorders and badly influence many people who are sleep-deprived and more often hungry.

Furthermore, the lack of sleep affects your metabolism and can make you angry. Which is not beneficial for your metabolism and your mood.


4) Drink enough water to boost your metabolism

Of course, drinking water can be a great ally to boost your metabolism as well. You probably know that sipping water is healthy and brings no calories instead of soda, juice, or any other sugary drinks.
So, when you are having your lunch or dinner, prefer drinking water as it will make you lose weight by not gaining calories from other liquids.

Try to drink around 2L daily as an average person needs to do.

Furthermore, we’d like to make you aware that water can speed up your metabolism in a short period of time (for one hour approximately). Some studies have proved that if you drink water 30 minutes before your meal you can lose weight and have better metabolism.

Finally, drinking cold water allows you to lose calories without any efforts!

Boost your metabolism drink water


5) Meals smarter to makeover your metabolism

Your meals have to be smart even if you eat more often. Cause eating more often during the day could boost your metabolism as well.

The thing is that if you don’t eat enough during the day, your body will conserve your energy because without knowing you have programmed your body in that way. That again could slow down your metabolism.

So, it will be wiser for you to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks between them if you want, but healthy snacks of course. Just check the quantity. You should normally fill up your hunger at 80% of your max no more than that as the digestion could be too much effort. That will deplete some of your precious energy.

It’s better for yourself to eat at regular times every day. Eating at consistent times may help you to maintain your metabolic balance.
In this way, if you always eat at regular times, you can reduce your tendency to burn calories slower because there aren’t long periods without eating.

Eating often in small portion make you burn fat all day long then.


6) Some type of food can improve your metabolism

The type of nutrients that you can find in healthy food can actually speed up and improve your metabolism.

Fruits and vegetables are required like always. Even if you see that everywhere, it’s really important to eat these ones for your health!
Make sure you eat enough vitamins, iron and rich foods for your health and your metabolism.

Also, you can try to eat spicy food and especially peppers because they contain elements that increase metabolisms if you can tolerate this type of food obviously.

Choose your food wisely and if you want to know more about what kind of food can boost your metabolism: Read this article.

Boost your metabolism healthy and spicy food


7) Make some substitution for a better metabolism

For instance, when you cook, you could change certain habits. You can substitute fats by coconut oil or by water.

As I said above when you are at your office or during lunch, have only water and not sodas or wine to drink.
By doing these small things, you will reduce sugar intake in your body and again that will boost your metabolism.

It’s also a true fact that coffee can speed up your metabolism. We’d just like to advise you to do not drinking this in excess as having too much caffeine could be harmful to your health. So, if you have to be more focus for example for a task you can have one coffee or two.
Then you can try can replace it with green tea or even healthier some herbal tea (peppermint, chamomile) which is healthy and really beneficial for your metabolism without any caffeine in it.

Find some other alternatives to coffee in this article as it’s very trendy nowadays.


8) Reduce the stress

Nowadays in our fast-moving world, we often have to realize our tasks and work as soon as possible. It can be a cause of stress for many people.

We have in our body a hormone which is calling “cortisol” and when we are stressed, it will pike up this one. Which can be released in our body and that’s not so good for our metabolism and to burn calories.

That’s why it’s important to feel good at work. You can do many activities that can help you to release tensions like yoga, running, meditating, aerobics or swimming.

So, as we mentioned before have a walk with some fresh air when you feel that the tension is too high.

Get some breaks to come back and perform better on your task!

If you want to know more about how stress slows down your metabolism, read this article.

Boost your metabolism smiling



As you see, simple changes in your lifestyle or routine like in your meals can boost your metabolism.
Paying attention to your sleep and drinking enough water will allow you to feel better.

These daily changes accompanied by cardio activities, exercises and working out will help you to be fit, healthy and to have more muscles. All these elements will boost your metabolism as well.

So, to resume, with better metabolism, you can lose weight easier, have more energy and feel better with yourself.

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